The Best Days of Our Lives by Lucy Diamond

I was far too late in discovering Lucy Diamond’s writing and when I finally read and reviewed Anything Could Happen here, it became one of my favourite reads of 2021. Consequently, it’s a delight to find myself reviewing Lucy’s latest book The Best Days of Our Lives for My Weekly online today.

Published by Quercus on 16th February 2023, The Best Days of Our Lives is available for purchase through the links here.

If you pick up a copy of My Weekly this week, you’ll also find a lovely short story from Lucy Diamond!

The Best Days of Our Lives

When 35-year-old Leni McKenzie is knocked off her bike, her family’s world is turned upside down.

Leni and her sister Alice were best friends as well as siblings. But did they know each other as well as Alice thought? In the hope of coming to terms with her grief, she tries to piece together Leni’s last weeks – but her discoveries only lead to more questions. And that’s before the surprise reappearance of someone from the past. Life is certainly getting very complicated …

Meanwhile, the rest of the family seem to be falling apart. Belinda, Alice’s mum, has developed an unhealthy obsession with a clairvoyant, and Tony, her dad, is stressed about becoming a father all over again, what with three failed marriages stacking up behind him.

As for Will, the youngest McKenzie, he’s in denial, having hopped onto a plane to Thailand days after the funeral. Secretly, he’s tormented by the part he played in Leni’s death … and the thing about secrets is, they always come out eventually …

Full of hope and heartache, love and truths, Lucy Diamond’s new novel is the big-hearted and relatable story of one unforgettable year in the life of the McKenzies.

My Review of The Best Days of Our Lives

My full review of The Best Days of Our Lives can be found online on the My Weekly website here.

However, here I can say that The Best Days of Our Lives has gone straight onto my list of favourite reads in 2023. It is, quite simply, glorious and I adored it.

Do visit My Weekly to read my full review here.

About Lucy Diamond

Lucy Diamond grew up in Nottingham and has lived in Leeds, London, Oxford and Brighton. She now lives in Bath with her family. Lucy is the Sunday Times bestselling author of seventeen novels including The Beach Café, An Almost Perfect Holiday and Anything Could HappenThe Best Days of Our Lives is her eighteenth novel.

For more information, visit Lucy’s website, follow her on Twitter @LDiamondAuthor and Facebook or find her on Instagram.

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