Featuring LoveMyRead (@lovemyread) thanks to FMcM Associates (@FMcMAssociates)

I was absolutely thrilled recently to be given a gift subscription to LoveMyRead by lovely Rhiannon at FMcM Associates, the books PR agency, so that I could find out for myself just what a fantastic present these monthly boxes make. I am enormously grateful for the opportunity. I chose a fiction subscription.

Yesterday my first box arrived with delivery tracked by the Royal Mail and with updates so that I knew it was on its way. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting it to be as lovely as it is!

I struggled to take a picture of the whole box contents as you can see:

The box itself was lovely, but the contents even better. I had chosen The Awakenings by Sarah Maine as the book I wanted but I didn’t realise quite what extra treats would come with it. The monthly book choices are from recent releases.

My Book Choice

The Awakenings

A grieving woman . . .
Yorkshire, 1890. Forced to exchange her childhood home for her uncle’s vicarage after a tragic loss, Olwen Malkon finds herself trapped between her aunt’s cruelty and the sinister advances of her cousin.

A troubled past . . .
When Olwen finds herself afflicted by strange dreams of a woman from a distant past, whose fate is overshadowed by menace and betrayal, those around her are determined to dismiss them as hysteria – except the local doctor, John, with whom she develops a connection.

A long-buried secret . . .
As the visions intensify, they begin to mirror reality, threatening to expose chilling secrets. What dangers lie ahead for Olwen, and does the past hold the key to her own future…?

The Awakenings was published in paperback by Hodder on 3rd November 2022.


The Extras

The box smelt lovely as I opened it and that was because tucked inside was a lovely, ethically made, hand blended and poured IRUSU candle.

Also included was a beautiful LoveMyRead bookmark with an information leaflet (that also had a wordsearch on the back as an extra entertaining touch).

Even better, as anyone who knows me would appreciate, there was tea and chocolate as well as a bean snack! The tea came from Tea and Tonic whose lovely website you’ll find here and where I discovered there are all kinds of lovely beauty products. Now, in my mind, it should be illegal to have tea without chocolate and so LoveMyRead served me well here!

I received a Gnaw Chocolate mint hot chocolate shot, a bar of HappiChoc dairy free and vegan milk chocolate and another of salted caramel and then a packet of vegan friendly roasted fava beans from The Honest Bean Co.

This is my first experience of LoveMyRead and it was absolutely brilliant. I’d have no hesitation in recommending their boxes as a wonderful gift. You can choose 3 months, 6 months or a year and you can always skip a month if no books appeal (though I can’t see that happening – my difficulty was choosing just one!).

You’ll forgive my photography but if you would like to see what boxes look like when someone with skills takes the image then these will give you an idea:

You can find out all about LoveMyRead gift subscriptions by visiting the website, following LoveMyRead on Twitter @LoveMyRead or finding them on Facebook and Instagram.


I would just like to extend my thanks again to FMcM for giving me this opportunity. It’s brilliant!

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