An Ocean Apart by Sarah Lee

Today it’s a privilege to share another of my My Weekly online reviews. This time it’s of An Ocean Apart by Sarah Lee.

An Ocean Apart is published by Pan Macmillan and is available for purchase through the links here.

An Ocean Apart

Inspired by real life stories of the Windrush Generation and her mother’s own experiences as a nurse coming to Britain from the Caribbean, Sarah Lee’s debut novel An Ocean Apart is a must for fans of Call the Midwife.

It’s 1954 and, in Barbados, Ruby Haynes spots an advertisement for young women to train as nurses for the new National Health Service in Great Britain. Her sister, Connie, takes some persuading, but soon the sisters are on their way to a new country – and a whole new world of experiences.

As they start their training in Hertfordshire, they discover England isn’t quite the promised land; for every door that’s opened to them, the sisters find many slammed in their faces. And though the girls find friendships with their fellow nurses, Connie struggles with being so far from home, and keeping secret the daughter she has left behind in search of a better life for the both of them . . .

My Review of An Ocean Apart

My full review of An Ocean Apart can be found on the My Weekly website here.

However, what I can say here is that An Ocean Apart is a charming, entertaining and surprisingly profound insight into the world of the Windrush Generation in 1950s Britain.

Do visit My Weekly to read my full review here.

About Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee has been a journalist and editor for the past twenty-five years, working across news and features and writing for regional and national newspapers, as well as commissioning for women’s true-life magazines. More recently she has focused her attention on the world of travel, creating luxury blog LiveShareTravel, and working with destinations and brands worldwide on storytelling marketing campaigns and conferences through her company, Captivate.

For more information, follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahleetravels and Instagram. You’ll also find Sarah on Facebook.

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