Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration

It’s amazing how long it seems since we were in the thick of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations and I’m delighted today to share my review of the children’s book Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration. My enormous thanks to Josh at DK for sending me a copy of Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration in return for an honest review.

Published by DK Children’s Books on 16th June 2022, Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration is available for purchase here.

Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration

An official Platinum Jubilee souvenir that explores the incredible life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth and how her historic reign has shaped the world.

In honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, this once in a lifetime history book for kids tells the story of a young princess who grew up to become our longest reigning monarch, and celebrates the achievements, people and places that have become part of her remarkable legacy.

There is a treasure box hidden away in Great Granny Joyce’s home, bursting with all kinds of things… A photo of a young woman wearing a crown, a map of the world, newspaper clippings, and so much more that reveal the great wonders of the last 70 years. There is so much to look at that little Isabella doesn’t even know where to begin! Did you know that Princess Elizabeth was only 27 when she became Queen? Or that she made an appearance at the opening ceremony of the 2010 London Olympics alongside James Bond? And that the most astonishing inventions like the World Wide Web, as well as historic milestones like the first female Prime Minister of the UK happened under our Queen’s watch?

Delightfully playful illustrations, exciting facts, and information sidebars fill every page to tell the full story of the world’s most beloved and inspiring monarch. Embark on this royal journey and show what you know with a surprise quiz at the end!

Inside this beautifully illustrated history book for children, you will find everything from the Crown to the Corgis detailed here, including:

– An exclusive quiz poster
– An illustration mapping out the Royal Family tree
– A timeline of the histories of the four UK nations
– The story of the Queen’s dedication to her country from wartime service during World War II to fundraising and commitments to the Commonwealth and wider world
– A timeline of the extraordinary events in history, as well as the incredible achievements of people from the UK and Commonwealth countries that have taken place during The Queen’s lifetime
– Details of the 14 British Prime Ministers who have served alongside The Queen
– A celebration of the amazing people The Queen has recognised

My Review of Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration

A celebration of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 11.

What a fantastic souvenir of an important moment in history Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration is. Equally relevant to homes or classrooms there’s so much to explore, with history, geography, stories, facts, places to visit, a glossary, sport, music, charities, the Queen’s own words and so much more. I must confess I didn’t know the National Anthem beyond the first verse until I read this book!

Although Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration is a book to relish and treasure in its own right, because it’s such an interesting read, it really is a wonderful catalyst to inspire and engage young people. I think using it in a KS2 school setting it would be perfect. I can imagine the map of the Commonwealth Countries being used for classes to create a map of the world including their own cultural heritages, or the section on innovation inspiring research and science based projects. Even the snippet about succession could lead to discussion about the role of girls and females in society. However, what I think is most important about Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration is that, through Great Granny Joyce sharing her treasure box with Isabella, there is a sense of belonging and community that the world needs. I think it says something about the intention behind the book that no one person is singled out as author or illustrator but that the book has been complied by a team.

Before finishing my review, I have to comment on the super physical qualities of Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration. It’s beautifully presented with illustrations that appeal to readers of all ages and that illustrate diversity from the young to the elderly, from the able bodied to those with disabilities and with people of all colours so that it feels inclusive and respectful of all.

Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration would be a fantastic keepsake for children born during the jubilee year as well as those already old enough to enjoy it. I thought it was excellent.

About the Authors and Illustrators

Usually at this point I give details about individuals, but as I said in my review, Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Celebration has been complied by a team and that concept of teamwork or community is something from which the world could benefit right now.

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