It’s A Wonderful World by Jess French

My enormous thanks to Cora Siedlecka at DK for sending me a copy of children’s book It’s A Wonderful World by Jess French with illustrations by Aleesha Nandhra in return for an honest review. I’m delighted to share that review today.

Published by DK Books on 10th March 2021, It’s A Wonderful World is available for purchase through the links here.

It’s A Wonderful World

DK brings you a beautifully illustrated and engaging book to teach young readers how to protect our planet and change the world!

Introducing It’s a Wonderful World a captivating storybook set out to encourage children to look after the world around them, one step at a time.

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they navigate through this perfect conservation book to discover all the wonderful ways to protect and preserve the biodiversity of the natural world, whilst learning about the main challenges our planet faces today.

An empowering and practical guide o looking after our planet, your child can discover:

-An excellent introduction to nature conservation for young readers
-A unique guide to studying different ecosystems and the biodiversity within the environment
-Graphic illustrations to complement stunning photography featured throughout
-An enthralling insight into lesser-known animals that inhabit the natural world

Did you know that more than 50% of child psychologists in England are currently seeing patients distressed about the state of the environment? It’s time to change that!

Invest in this all-encompassing environment book and shape your child’s learning for the better.

Proving to be an excellent education tool for children aged 7-9, this is a must-have volume for any young reader with a passion for protecting the planet, whether it’s researching plastic pollution or studying snow leopards, this nature book for kids really does have it all.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So let us quench your thirst for knowledge and teach you a trick or two about balance and biodiversity along the way!

One book at a time, we believe you can change the world!

My Review of It’s A Wonderful World

An insight into the world’s environment.

I had high expectations for It’s A Wonderful World and each one was not only met, but surpassed. With everything from where the Earth sits in the universe, to dung beetles and humpback whales and through to a glossary of terms, this is a book to ignite a child’s imagination and hook them into an understanding of their place in the world and what they might do to help it.

I thought the direct appeal to the reader from Jess French’s Introduction gave important status to children and made them feel as if they had a role to play. I think it sits best with children aged 6-9, although I can imagine older children with extra educational needs being thoroughly engaged too. There are activities included such as cloud gazing, or creating a wild area even in a small space, that are readily accessible to young readers, but It’s A Wonderful World has so much more to offer in a wider context. That glossary can aid literacy, as can the new vocabulary or using the index to show children how to access information in written form rather than simply googling mindlessly. Science through the water cycle or geography through the section on rain forests or wetlands might lead to further classroom exploration and I can imagine speaking and listening activities, letter writing, project work and forest schools drawing on It’s A Wonderful World time and again.

Alongside small, accessible chunks of text are magnificent illustrations and photographs so that It’s A Wonderful World is vivid, engaging and a real feast for the eyes. As always with this publisher’s books, the cover is solid and robust so that it will withstand much handling in the home or classroom. I also have to admire the fact the book is printed with responsibly sourced materials and soy ink in keeping with its environmental theme.

It’s A Wonderful World is filled with fascinating facts, simple tips for all, not just children, to adopt to help the planet and is beautifully presented to draw in visual learners too. I thought it was excellent.

About Jess French

Jess French is a nature lover, TV presenter, author, and qualified vet. She is known for her show on CBeebies, called ‘Minibeast Adventure with Jess’, which encourages children to explore the outdoors and get to know the bugs around them. She has written two other books for DK, What a Waste, which tackles the subject of sustainability for children, and The Book of Brilliant Bugs, which explores the world of minibeasts. Jess is a keen conservationist and has a passion for oceans and the animal world.

For further information, follow Jess on Twitter @Zoologist_Jess or find her on Instagram.

About Aleesha Nandhra

Aleesha Nandhra is an Illustrator based in London. Aleesha also collaborates in running an artist led café which aims to serve chai and create spaces that nurture friendship and enterprise across class, caste and religion.

For further information, follow Aleesha on Twitter @AleeshaNandhra, find her on Instagram or visit her website.

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