Guardian Angel: A Book of Poems by Laura Fitton

My thanks to Laura Fitton for kindly sending me a copy of her poetry anthology Guardian Angel: A Book of Poems in return for an honest review.

Guardian Angel: A Book of Poems is available for purchase here.

Guardian Angel: A Book of Poems

Some people say that writers write their best stuff from influential life events. Guardian Angel is a compilation of poems that Laura Fitton has written over the years. They are personal and from the heart.

Laura touches topics people find difficult to speak about, such as death and dying, the grieving process, feelings of loss and topics around friendship, pets and Laura’s career as an NHS frontline nurse.

Dedicated to her best-friend Sofie, who sadly died before her 21st birthday, and who Laura believes to be her Guardian Angel; the poems will make you laugh and make you cry.

My Review of Guardian Angel: A Book of Poems

A collection of poems.

Guardian Angel is a collection that covers a range of human emotions any reader can relate to.

Whilst I preferred Laura Fitton’s poetry in free verse rather than rhyme, the regular rhyme scheme fits perfectly the poems where it is used, because it maintains a regularity and control that we need when dealing with the themes Laura Fitton explores. In Guardian Angel Laura Fitton doesn’t shy away from death, grief and loss. I found My Best Friend Sophie – Our Story particularly affecting because of the life not lived as it made me think of my still born great niece. Similarly, the fact that Laura is a nurse and suffered Covid herself made Covid 19 – A Silent Killer all the more affecting. A Flashback to Southall horrified me. The action and violence here would make a riveting television drama, but it packs such a punch (literally and metaphorically) because it is based on Laura’s experiences. In Guardian Angel she shows us humanity with all its flaws and compassion.

It is the themes of human experience that give Guardian Angel its strength and appeal. Here we have family, relationships, friendship, sexuality, violence, caring and the whole range of human emotion whilst simultaneously coming to know the poet a little bit too. It feels as if Laura Fitton is sharing her innermost thoughts and the reader is privileged to hear them.

Is Guardian Angel the most literary poetry anthology I’ve encountered? No. But that is its strength. Through Guardian Angel Laura Fitton shows how the ordinary person can use poetry to make sense of their lives and might even encourage others to try writing their grief down as a means to begin healing. Consequently, Guardian Angel is one of the most accessible and heart felt anthologies I’ve read and its accessibility will bring succour and comfort to many because Laura Fitton writes from her truths. I hope her own Guardian Angels continue to watch over her.

About Laura Fitton

Laura Fitton is a poet, author and nurse as well as an award winning film producer. She is author of Guardian Angel A Book Of Poems. Laura is a supporter of the LGBT community.

Follow Laura on Twitter @LauraFitton2 and Instagram.

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