The House Beneath the Cliffs by Sharon Gosling

I’m delighted that it’s finally my turn on the blog tour for Sharon Gosling’s The House Beneath the Cliffs. My grateful thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part and to TeamBATC for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review. It gives me enormous pleasure to share that review today.

Published by Simon and Schuster on 19th August 2021, The House Beneath the Cliffs is available for purchase through these links.

The House Beneath the Cliffs

A remote yet beautiful village. A tiny kitchen lunch club. The perfect place to start again.

Anna moves to Crovie, a tiny fishing village on the Moray Firth, for a fresh start. But when she arrives, she realises her new home is really no more than a shed, and the village itself sits beneath a cliff right on the edge of the sea, in constant danger of storms and landslides. Has she made a terrible mistake?

Yet as she begins to learn about the Scottish coast and its people, something she thought she’d lost reawakens in her. She rediscovers her love of cooking, and turns her kitchen into a pop-up lunch club. But not all the locals are delighted about her arrival, and some are keen to see her plans fail.

Will Anna really be able to put down roots in this remote and wild village? Or will her fragile new beginning start to crumble with the cliffs . . . ?

Beautiful, moving and utterly absorbing, The House Beneath the Cliffs is a novel of friendship and food, storms and secrets, and the beauty of second chances.

My Review of The House Beneath the Cliffs

Anna is starting a new phase in her life.

Oh yes! The House Beneath the Cliffs is exactly my kind of read and I couldn’t have loved it more because Sharon Gosling imbues her writing with genuine heart-felt emotion that draws in the reader and makes them care about her characters.

I adored meeting the cast of The House Beneath the Cliffs. The tiny close-knit community of Crovie means that each character is a distinct personality with every type represented, from the curmudgeonly Douglas McKean to the unselfish Frank, with Anna taking centre stage. Anna felt so real to me it was as if I knew her personally. Her previous life, her potential future and her present activities in Crovie held me spell bound. I wanted her to be happy, to succeed and leave the foul Geoff behind with every fibre of my being. Similarly, Auld Robbie was perfectly depicted. What I found so engaging was the way in which the whole community was presented. Sharon Gosling understands implicitly how small communities operate, with their mutual support and long held petty jealousies, their friendships and relationships, so that I felt I had been plunged into the heart of the place alongside Anna. The House Beneath the Cliffs also felt an authentic portrait of how such small communities have to live; with economic and environmental challenges that can threaten their very lives so that Crovie is every bit as much a character as any of the people. Indeed, there are some heart stopping moments in reading The House Beneath the Cliffs that are not just to do with romance!

The setting is glorious. I loved the seascapes painted by Sharon Gosling’s evocative writing and the references to food, to ecology and landscape all combine into a wonderful sense of place. The author knows exactly how much detail to provide to give the reader a vivid experience without ever slowing the pace of the plot, so that reading The House Beneath the Cliffs is an immersive and completely satisfying experience.

And it’s an equally fantastic plot. The story races along, encapsulating everything from the most prosaic to the most dramatic in a perfect balance of storytelling. I genuinely think The House Beneath the Cliffs is exactly the kind of book to appeal to any situation – from beach read to cosy winter’s afternoon by the fire because it sweeps the reader away from their real life so completely.

The themes in The House Beneath the Cliffs are sensitively handled, intelligently woven into the narrative and deeply affecting. The human need for connection and a sense of belonging underpins other concepts such as grief, parenthood, ambition, friendship, and opportunity so that there is resonance and appeal for all readers.

I thought The House Beneath the Cliffs was enchanting. It’s beautifully written and captivated me completely. I loved every second spent reading about Anna and Crovie. It’s a wonderful book, not to be missed.

About Sharon Gosling

Sharon Gosling lives with her husband in a very remote village in northern Cumbia, where they moved to run a second-hand bookshop, Withnail Books in Penrith. She began her career in entertainment journalism, writing for magazines in the science fiction and fantasy genre, before moving on to write tie-in books for TV shows such as Stargate and the ‘re-imagined’ Battlestar Galactica. She has also written, produced and directed audio dramas based in the same genre.

When she’s not writing, she creates beautiful linocut artwork and is the author of multiple children’s books. The House Beneath the Cliffs is her first adult novel.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter @sharongosling and Instagram or visit her blog.

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