Introducing Embla Books @emblabooks

It’s always a thrill being in at the start of something new, and today I couldn’t be more excited than to share news of a brand new digital first imprint from Bonnier – Embla Books who start out in the world today, 4th August 2021. Embla is led by Jane Snelgrove.

Embla are launching with three books for the rest of the year – an amazingly funny and heartwarming rom com in September, a chilling and scary thriller in October, and a psychological suspense in November and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about those books. Embla will have many more exciting announcements to come from well known authors and debuts across genre fiction.

Embla’s goal is to publish quality commercial fiction for all readers. Books will include romance, historical fiction, psychological suspense, thrillers and book club fiction. Books that make you laugh, cry, fall in love and stay up all night and I cannot wait to see what’s on offer.

My enormous thanks to Jennifer Porter, Head of Marketing at Embla, for sending me a super launch pack to celebrate Embla’s birthday.

The fabulous Kindle/tablet stand is created by ibeanibags and you’ll find their website here. You’ll also find them on Twitter @ibeaniworld and Facebook. You can also find Teapigs on Twitter @teapigs and their full range of Cold Brew teas on their website. Teapigs are also on Facebook and Instagram.

To keep up to date with all the news make sure you follow Embla on Twitter @emblabooks. You’ll also find Embla on Facebook and Instagram where I’m sure they’d appreciate a follow!

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