Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination by Tara Pontier

Now, I’m trying not to accept too much new material for Linda’s Book Bag at the moment, but when I heard that Tara Pontier, author of Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination children’s book is only six herself I couldn’t resist featuring it. My enormous thanks to Tara’s Mum Ciara for sending me a copy in return for an honest review.

Published on 10th April 2021, Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination is available for purchase here and from Little Book Writer.

Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination

This book was written by a six year old girl called Tara.

One day she asked her Mum if she could write a book. She began by narrating a story, then drawing pictures and writing. Using her imagination, she tells a story of a fantasy day in the life of a dream princess.

This book is written in simple English that is easy to understand and read. Includes a mini workbook with decoratively framed pages to inspire all the little writers out there, so that the child can write, draw and narrate their own story at the end. It is ideal for children who are learning to read and would have an interest in creating their own stories.

Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination will help encourage parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers to unlock the powerful imagination of a child. You can be amazed by the wonderful stories they come up with. It should be a beautiful memory to cherish. The idea of the book is that it can be a keepsake to treasure. Hopefully it can ignite a spark for writing and narrating within children. Enjoy the experience and keep the memory safe in this little book.

Stay tuned for more in the series of Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination!

My Review of Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination

Who can resist a book written by a six year old? Not me!

Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination is a lovely story for young children. The clear, accessible and large font with a perfect balance of white space against vibrant pictures means that Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination can be enjoyed by early readers independently, as well as with adults sharing the story with them.

The story itself is perfect for young children, told as it is by Tara Pontier’s six year old voice, so that friends, racing together, having dinner and a picnic and eating chocolate cake, are all elements that children can recognise, making them part of the story telling experience too. The one day time frame works brilliantly as Princess Tara wakes up, goes to school, plays with her friends and goes back to bed because it is well within the experience of the target audience. I think children will love these recognisable elements that can then act as a catalyst for their own writing.

However, there’s more to Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination than a simple story. Great thought has gone into the encouragement of a child’s imagination. After enjoying Princess Tara’s adventures with her friends, children have the opportunity to be creative in the second half of the book which is dedicated to prettily bordered blank and lined pages where children can write their own stories and draw their own illustrations. This means that Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination can become part of a child’s history and a family keepsake to enjoy for years to come – possibly being shared with a child’s own children in the future.

As well as developing literacy, through the simple sentences using the connective ‘and’ which models early writing, there’s opportunity for numeracy too, perhaps counting the beautiful butterflies that adorn the page corners. I think in another story it would be even better to have some children of different ethnicities in the images too so that Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination is completely inclusive.

Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination is a smashing concept, an accessible story and a real catalyst for creativity. I thought it was great.

About Tara Pontier

Tara Pontier is 6 years old. She decided to write a book one day and so it began! She narrates and illustrates her own stories and writes them down in her journal. It is a wonderful use of imagination, hence the name of the book. This is her first book of many more to come. Stay tuned for more Princess Tara and her Amazing Imagination books!

I was so amazed by my daughters imagination that I was compelled to encourage other parents to get their children drawing and narrating. If they are at the age where they can write, it is a wonderful thing to encourage. 

– Tara’s Mum, Ciara.

This book is inspiring young children to unlock the powers of their own imagination and also to help parents encourage drawing, narrating and writing.

A child’s imagination is a beautiful discovery and this book is a sentimental keepsake for parents and children to enjoy together. Let’s harness that creativity!

There’s more about Tara, her books and other activities on the website LittleBookWriter, Facebook and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Princess Tara’s Amazing Imagination by Tara Pontier

  1. My daughter used to write as a child at starting at about the same age as Tara. Some of her work was exquisitely written. When she left school and went into further education, university and then teaching she stopped writing.
    I started writing not only to give me a retirement activity but also to encourage her to return to writing, by showing it could be done, even by an old duffer like me.

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  2. You’re far from an old duffer Phil! What a shame your daughter’s writing stopped. Perhaps she’ll return to it. I found it hard to read for pleasure until after I stopped teaching English… I have certainly returned to it now!

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