When Moggie Met Froggie by Julia Stebbing, illustrated by Stephen Stone

I thoroughly enjoyed two very different, but equally impressive, children’s books by Julia Stebbing – The Lost Smile and Remarkable Women in Verse that I reviewed here – so that when Julia asked me if I’d review When Moggie Met Froggie I simply had to agree. My thanks to Julia for sending me a copy of When Moggie Met Froggie in return for an honest review.

Published on 2nd April 2021, When Moggie Met Froggie is available for purchase here.

When Moggie Met Froggie

A scruffy cat goes… in search of mice to eat, a scrummy, yummy, tasty treat… Instead, he meets a very outspoken, rather feisty, frog.

Find out what happens when Moggie works up the courage to confront the frog, only to end up completely humiliated.

When Moggie Met Froggie is about moving past first perceptions and finding the good in the heart of a person. It tells a tale of building a good friendship after a disagreement and the possibility of finding a friend wherever you roam. This book is charming, delightfully illustrated and written in rhyming verse. It will bring parents and children together for a whirlwind of fun and laughter.

My Review of When Moggie Met Froggie

A scruffy cat makes an unusual friend.

When Moggie Met Froggie is a smashing book to share with young children either at home or in the classroom.

Well written in rhyming verse, When Moggie Met Froggie exemplifies various forms of rhyme, from sight to homophones, so that the story models good spelling and vocabulary, enriching the learning experience. This is enhanced by more challenging words that young children may not necessarily know, like ‘admission’, but that are easily understood in the context so that children can increase their vocabulary as they are entertained. I liked the fact that direct speech in When Moggie Met Froggie is properly punctuated even though many target age children may not have reached that level of writing yet, because it is never too early to exemplify good practice.

When Moggie Met Froggie is a charming children’s book with a powerful message that violence isn’t the answer and just because we may look very different that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Exemplifying the fact that disputes can be settled amicably, it also touches on hygiene so that children can learn that keeping clean and fresh smelling is helpful! They’ll also come to realise that pets are a responsibility because the reason Moggie is as scruffy and dirty as he is, is because the family he lived with moved away and left him behind.

With themes of friendship, belonging and difference at its heart, When Moggie Met Froggie can be enjoyed as a straightforward narrative with, and for, young children, but it has huge potential for classroom use too. I thought it was great.

About Julia Stebbing

Julia has always lived in north London and was brought up in Stanmore. Opposite her house were only fields and the local school was a mere 5-minute walk. The spinney nearby provided opportunities for jumping a stream, picking blackberries, and hiding in the woods. Switch to three children later, husband David, and seven grandchildren – 3 girls and 4 boys. She used to write song lyrics and now loves writing children’s stories, especially in rhyming verse. S

he has published two books, The Lost Smile, a picture book which is the first in a series of The Fabulous FiveRemarkable Women in Verse tells the story of Rosa Parks, Helen Keller and her governess Anne Sullivan, and also Florence Nightingale.

Find out more on Sticky Bun’s website here and on Facebook. You’ll occasionally find Julia on Twitter @stickybunpub and Instagram too.

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