Scottish Highland Inspiration: A Guest Post by Sarah Mallory, Author of Rescued by Her Highland Soldier

I’m so looking forward to a bit more freedom this year and heading off in our new motorhome. With that in mind, I simply had to invite Sarah Mallory here onto Linda’s Book Bag. You see, I quite fancy a trip to Scotland and I have a feeling that Sarah’s new book Rescued by Her Highland Soldier would be the perfect accompaniment to any trip. I have been hearing magnificent things about it.

I’m thrilled to host a guest post from Sarah and an extract from Rescued by Her Highland Soldier today. Last time Sarah was here, we stayed in together to chat all about the first book in her Lairds of ArdVarrick series, Forbidden to the Highland Laird, in a post you can see here.

Rescued by Her Highland Soldier is published by Harper Collins imprint Mills and Boon and is available for purchase through the links here.

Rescued by Her Highland Soldier

Her rugged Highlander

Is the gallant son of a laird!

Travelling alone through the treacherous Scottish Highlands, Madeleine d’Evremont is saved by rough-looking soldier, Grant Rathmore. Attraction flares between them as he escorts Madeline on her perilous escape to France, until she discovers he’s the heir of a respected Laird! Madeline knows she must let him go – surely the daughter of a humble adventurer could never be a suitable match for him now?

Scottish Highland Inspiration

A Guest Post by Sarah Mallory

The Scottish Highlands. What springs to mind for you: castles, men in kilts, grand scenery?

It has it all, and I am lucky enough to live in the Highlands now. There are disadvantages, of course: if you like shopping, the nearest large town is more than 50 miles away, but on the plus side, this is the view on my journey home from the supermarket:

The Highland landscape has always fascinated me. It looks wild. It feels wild. Whenever I am driving through it I think of outlaws charging down from the hills (the reality is somewhat different, you have to look out for deer charging across the road! You can drive for miles without seeing another car, let alone anyone on foot).

It inspires me with so many stories, tales full of romance and adventure and Rescued by Her Highland Soldier is the second of my Lairds of Ardvarrick series. It is set in the aftermath of Culloden, with the Duke of Cumberland’s victorious troops sweeping through the glens, looking for Jacobite rebels. Grant and Maddie have to make their way from the heart of the Highlands to the coast. That is quite a road trip! The Scottish Highlands is a vast wilderness and any journey would be fraught with danger. In the following extract the fleeting couple have reached a safe house, but before they travel on, Madeleine needs to assume a disguise….


Less than an hour later Madeleine returned to the morning room, transformed. An overlarge shirt was concealed beneath a plain linen cravat and a blue serge waistcoat, with a matching blue frock coat over all. She wore her silk breeches beneath the rough leather ones that had belonged to some long-gone stable boy and her black leather riding boots were considered masculine enough when worn with the pair of leather spatterdashes Tomson had looked out for her. The ensemble was completed by a cocked hat which she set upon her head at a jaunty angle, having brushed her hair back into a queue and secured it with a length of ribbon.

Not having a greatcoat in her size, Maddie had to make do with a cloak to protect her from the elements and she had wrapped it around herself when she left her bedchamber, lest her appearance give rise to comment among the servants. However, Lady Lochall had thought ahead and sent everyone out of the way and it was not until she entered the morning room that she had any reaction to her altered appearance.

Taking a deep breath, she put up her head and swaggered in, saying as she did so, ‘Well, will I do?’

There was a moment’s silence, then Grant slapped his thigh and gave a shout of laughter.

‘Bless me, but you make a fine lad!’

A mischievous smile bubbled up. She swept off her hat and make him a low bow.

‘Why, thank you sir.’

‘You need names,’ declared Lady Lochall, entering into the spirit. ‘Let me see, what shall it be: Douglas, Iain, Robert?’

‘What about James?’ suggested Maddie. ‘That has a good ring to it.’

‘No!’ Grant’s sharp rejection drew all eyes and he felt obliged to explain. ‘I lost a friend of that name at Culloden.’

He still felt the guilt of it, having survived while so many of his comrades perished on Drumossie Moor.

‘Oh. I beg your pardon.’ Maddie was immediately contrite. ‘What say you, then, what name would you suggest for me?’

He looked at her, considering the matter.

‘Duncan,’ he said at last. ‘And I shall be Ross. Duncan and Ross…Malcolm. What think you?’

‘I think it will do very well.’

‘We are agreed, then. Now, we should be on our way.’

‘You will need money,’ said His Lordship. ‘Allow me to fund you.’

Madeleine shook her head. ‘Thank you, my lord, but that is unnecessary. I still have the funds I brought with me from Inverness. Sufficient for the both of us.’ She sent a challenging look towards Grant. ‘You will, of course, be reimbursed for escorting me.’

‘Let us get to France first, then we will argue about payment.’

He turned away abruptly, not wishing her to see how concerned he was about this journey. They had more than a hundred and fifty miles to cover just to reach the rendezvous. Their chances of making it safely to France were low.


That all sounds wonderful Sarah. And whilst Madeleine attempts to reach France, I’ll be packing up the motorhome and heading to Scotland because your post has inspired me to go as soon as I can. You never know, I might even get round to reading your Lairds of Ardvarrick series whilst I’m there!

About Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory is an award-winning author who has published more than 25 historical romances with Harlequin Mills & Boon. She loves history, especially the Georgian and Regency period. She has recently moved to the romantic Scottish Highlands, where she walks long walks to plot out her latest adventure!

Sarah is also the award-winning author Melinda Hammond.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahMRomance. You can also visit her excellent website and find her on Facebook.

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