Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal by Stella Eden

With 2020 having been such a difficult year and 2021 fast approaching I think now seems the perfect time to review Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal by Stella Eden as so many of us will be reflecting on our lives and perhaps making some new resolutions for next year. My grateful thanks to Stella for sending me a copy of Stella’s Open Road Trip in return for an honest review.

Published on 12th October 2021, Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal is available for purchase here, and directly from the author here.

Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal

This journal is funky, colourful and totally interactive. You can write on the pictures – your ideas, what you need to do, planning adventures, making to do lists and absolutely anything else you may want to write, draw and stick in. Be as creative as you want to.

My Review of Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal

An interactive self-awareness book.

In a sense, there isn’t a great deal of content to review in Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal as, star shaped corner illustrations aside, many of the pages here are blank. However, that is by no means a criticism because from the vibrant and quirky front cover, through the naïve illustrations on other pages, Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal absolutely invites readers to express themselves and to rediscover their child like enjoyment in life.

Where there is content, there are activities suggested like random dot-to-dots, or the suggestion to learn a new word, perhaps even in a new language – things that can distract a troubled mind without overwhelming them. I also really loved the word play and puns that lift the spirit so that I may well ‘paws for thought’ and I can certainly envisage completing a list of ‘books I want to read’! Many of the illustrations and suggestions are repeated throughout the book and although I think some may not appreciate this aspect, I thought that repetition fitted the book’s purpose perfectly. Stella Eden encourages us to start over as many times as we like and makes us realise that a destination isn’t necessarily reached by only one road. The only aspect I might have liked to be different is the book’s title as I think some may prefer ‘My’ as opposed to ‘Stella’s’ open road trip, but again this is ameliorated by the concept that you are joining Stella and have a friend to support you along the way. In addition, there is a place to write your name and make the book your own right at the very start.

I must just mention the physical attributes of the book too as it feels high quality with smooth pages, bold and colourful images and is a great size. It would fit in a handbag or large pocket and yet has space enough for reader self expression, art work and engagement.

I think Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal would make a great gift – to yourself as well as others – as a means to start afresh at any point in the year, not just on January 1st.

About Stella Eden

Stella Eden is an author and digital artist who raises awareness about domestic abuse and coercive behaviour through her motivational writing and speaking.

For further information, visit Stella’s website or follow her on Twitter @StellaEden1. You’ll also find Stella on Instagram and Facebook.

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