Monster Dance from @madeleine_tales

My grateful thanks to Hannah Svensson at Madeleine Editions for sending me a copy of the children’s book Monster Dance in return for an honest review. I was intrigued by a book for children that indirectly references Covid 19, some of the profits from which go towards purchasing PPE for health workers around the world, and that has a range of interactive resources to accompany it.

Monster Dance is published by Madeleine Editions. There’s an interactive app to accompany Monster Dance here too.

Monster Dance

Meet Maurice, an endearingly melodramatic dog, and Charlie, an artistic little girl, as they take on a world that’s suddenly gone topsy-turvy.

This picture books app for kids with read-aloud, music and moving pictures is available on Apple and Android.

English, Mandarin (and other languages on the way).

For every book sold through July 20, 2021, Madeleine Editions will donate 3 PPE masks to be purchased and distributed by to arm healthcare heroes around the world. Madeleine Editions has also donated copies of the book to children’s hospitals around the world.

My Review of Monster Dance

Maurice the dog is finding life has changed.

Initially I was uncertain of the concept of a monster lurking in the background, wondering if children might find it too scary a concept, but actually, Monster Dance is a positive and helpful story that both reassures and teaches children how to cope in these difficult times. This concept is enhanced by the delightful illustrations from Guy Gilchrist (of Muppet illustration fame) that have a style accessible for young children. You’ll find sample Monster Dance pages here. The physical book is beautifully presented with a perfect balance of text to illustration and a very robust cover that will endure much handling and use.

With Maurice scared and frustrated by a monster that has left him more confined to home, it is Charlie who helps him realise this is a small monster that can be fought and controlled by some simple steps like proper hand washing and keeping your distance. Charlie explains how taking such precautions isn’t being scared but is brave instead.

The beauty of Monster Dance is the range of alternative activities children might try instead of being in large groups in the park. There are foreign languages to explore, dressing up to do and artistic activities to carry out for example.

However, even better with Monster Dance is the interactive support material that goes with it. I really recommend heading to the Madeleine Editions Monster Dance website to find out more for yourself. It might be just what you and your child need to cope in these uncertain times.

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