Staying in with Daniel T. Brown

It’s a real frustration that I can’t read every book that comes my way, but I am grateful for the fact I have a blog where I can find out a bit more about those that seem very interesting. As a result, it gives me enormous pleasure to welcome Daniel T. Brown to stay in with me today to tell me all about his new book. Let’s find out what Daniel has to say:

Staying in with Daniel T. Brown

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Daniel. 

Thank you Linda. It’s a pleasure to spend this time with you.

Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

I am grateful for the invitation. I’m such a fan of yours Linda, and so it’s only fitting that the first interview on my book tour is with you.

Oh! I don’t think I’ve had a fan before. How lovely! Thank you. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

I have brought The Sometimes Why – Short Stories, Monologues, and Words to That Effect. It’s my debut book. I had been writing and directing a series of monologues for the stage. One evening at a show someone asked me if there was a book or place online where they could find a collection of my writings. At that time I had no published collections, so I decided to put my stories in a book. And here we are.

How exciting. And congratulations on your debut Daniel. I love the title. Tell me, what can we expect from an evening in with The Sometimes Why?

As the subtitle says – It is a collection of shorts stories and monologues, with some short verse as well. What can the reader expect? You know, there’s a line in the book where a character finds herself being asked to take sides in the street fight in her mind between what she’s internally striving to be, and the acceptance that what she is at this moment is good enough. That sums up a lot of what the lead characters in each of these stories are being asked to do.

I think that sums up how many of us feel much of the time actually.

These are stories about characters navigating the rough terrain of the basic human experience. They’ve all made mistakes. They’ve had to make choices that sometimes put them at odds with the people they love. Each struggles with that negative voice that lives within most people. It’s the voice that fights to make the case that we’re not enough; we’re not good enough, we’ve not tried hard enough.

I deal with this part of myself every day, and I believe most people do as well. In the description I gave the publishers at Xlibris for The Sometimes Why I tagged the project as the “ storybook companion for the flawed human being.” (laughs)

I think it’s being flawed that makes us human actually – which means I must be very human!

As a middle-aged person I found that I have spent a good deal of my life trying to be better; a better friend, a better employee, a better family member, a better contributor to society. I thought if I could perfect all of these areas, that an inner peace would come. What I found is that the peace doesn’t come until I love and accept all that I am right now…flaws an all. From there I can continue to work towards improvement. But now I can find joy in the process rather than entertain some negativity from inside myself that only drags me down. This crossroads in life is the crux of the stories I’ve written.

These stories sound brilliant – and I’m sure The Sometimes Why will resonate with so many readers. It certainly does with me Daniel.

I also want to challenge the reader. My intention is to pull the reader into the life decisions each character faces. I want it to lead to the reader questioning their own ideals, and principles.

What can the reader expect? They can expect an emotionally charged experience.

The Sometimes Why sounds exactly my kind of read Daniel. I love a book that makes me think and gets me to consider my own life and actions. 

Given the nature of The Sometimes Why, what else have you brought along and why have you brought it?


I’ve brought good stuff, Linda. I designed and shot the cover of The Sometimes Why myself, with the help of friends and some local models. The cover features a wonderful chocolate cake with “Joy” inscribed on top. My gift to you for inviting me to take part in this interview is a photo of the Joy cake with a piece missing. It’s a reminder that you should never pass up a chance to help yourself to a piece of the joy that life had to offer.

What a wonderful sentiment. I think we should all look for the joy in life.

I also brought some photos of my hometown…Rockaway Beach, NY. This community has been great to me, and I’ve used Rockaway as the backdrop for a number of the stories in The Sometimes Why. These are photos I took of Jamaica Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean by my home.
I hope you like them.
I do indeed. They give me a chance to travel when we’re not really able to at the moment. I worked in New York City for a while so the reference to NY brings back many memories for me too. 
Thanks so much for staying in with me today to chat about The Sometimes Why – Short Stories, Monologues, and Words to That Effect, Daniel. I’ve really enjoyed our time together. Now, if you cut another slice of ‘Joy’ cake, I’ll give blog visitors some further information about The Sometimes Why – Short Stories, Monologues, and Words to That Effect.

The Sometimes Why – Short Stories, Monologues, and Words to That Effect

In The Sometimes Why Daniel T Brown introduces the reader to characters whose true identities are revealed through self-defining moments. These short stories, monologues, and poems place the protagonists in circumstances that call into question their priorities, integrity, and core values. As in real life, there are no clear heroes or villains in this book. Instead The Sometimes Why presents a more realistic view of people, where good and bad, hero and villain exist in all of us.
These are stories about family, friendship, love relationships, career, and self-worth. With a perfect blend of drama and comedic flavor, The Sometimes Why compels you to become deeply invested in the lives of these characters. Daniel T Brown’s writings will also challenge readers to examine their own relationship with themselves and the people in their lives.
The Sometimes Why is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris.

About Daniel T. Brown

Daniel T Brown is a writer and director from Rockaway Beach, NY. He is a graduate of the School of Visual arts in NYC, with a major in filmmaking. His documentary, John Cori Warned You (2013) captures the communities on the Rockaway Peninsula  as they work to rebuild and recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012. Daniel is a community advocate who has devoted a good deal of his time to raising money and awareness for local causes.

You can follow Daniel on Twitter @sometimeswhybk and find him on Facebook.

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