Staying in with Liz Treacher

The Wrong Envelope

You know, some books appeal to me entirely and it’s desperately disappointing when I can’t fit them into my reading because I’m inundated. Liz Treacher has one such book and so I simply had to ask her onto Linda’s Book Bag to stay in with me and tell me all about it.

Staying in with Liz Treacher

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Liz and thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thank you very much for inviting me!

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

The Wrong Envelope

I’ve brought along The Wrong Envelope, a feel-good novel set in Devon, 1920 about a determined post lady called Evie Brunton. It’s a humorous romance, (witty rather than slushy) but it also gives a glimpse into what it was like being a young working woman just after the First World War.

It sounds utterly wonderful Liz. So, what can we expect from an evening in with The Wrong Envelope?

The novel begins when Evie’s quiet but satisfying life as a village post lady is turned upside down by the arrival of an impetuous London artist called Bernard Cavalier. Evie is initially horrified by Bernard’s wild and outrageous behaviour, but over the course of the summer, his spontaneous approach to life begins to appeal to her. However Bernard is clumsy and selfish and he brings chaos in his wake.

The Wrong Envelope is a dive into 1920’s Devon with its rugged coastline, rolling hills and high-hedged country lanes. But not everything is idyllic. 1920 was a difficult time in Britain and the shadow of the First World War still hung over everyone. Young women who had possibly lost loved ones in the war were now losing their new-found freedoms as well. Jobs which had been handed to them during the conflict were being taken away again. The novel uses humour and irony to explore how hard it was for women like Evie to chart a meaningful course through life.

I love the sound of The Wrong Envelope Liz. I’m rather fond of between the wars settings.

A fun thing about the novel is that Evie’s timid mother turns out to be the real heroine. As the story unfolds, quiet, dithery Mrs Brunton learns to stick up for herself and what she believes is the right thing to do.

Aha! The quiet ones are often the ones to look out for!

Readers say they enjoy the retro feel of the book, but also the twists and turns of the plot which will have you guessing right till the end.

I cannot wait to read The Wrong Envelope. It sounds exactly my kind of story.

What else have you brought along this evening and why have you brought it?

Two things – something to look at and something to eat!

My grandmother

I’ve brought along a photo of my grandmother. She was born in 1901, so she was always a year younger than the year. When this portrait was taken in 1917 she was sixteen and had just started working for the War Office.

What a simply wonderful photo. Doesn’t she look glorious? Why this photo though?

After she died, we found a suitcase full of letters written to her by a soldier during and after the First World War. The suitcase was tiny, small enough to fit into a bureau, and it was tied up carefully with a green gingham ribbon. I was fascinated by the language of the letters – the cheerfulness and bravado of a soldier trying to woo a young lady. They quickly became the inspiration for the novel.

That’s so romantic. What a wonderful catalyst for your writing.


I’d also like to bring along a plate of scones, complete with cream and jam. Evie’s mother, Mrs Brunton, is a prolific scone maker and her cream teas punctuate the novel and even propel the plot!

Oh you can come again Liz. I think I might just be addicted to cream teas. I don’t get them often so thank you for bringing them along – and for staying in with me to chat about The Wrong Envelope. You pour the tea and I’ll tell blog readers a bit more about The Wrong Envelope.

The Wrong Envelope

The Wrong Envelope

Summer 1920 and two different lives are about to collide.

Evie Brunton loves her job. Twice a day, she spins along the narrow lanes of Devon on her bicycle, delivering letters from a heavy post bag. When the flamboyant London artist, Bernard Cavalier, drops like a meteor into her sleepy village, everything changes. Bernard is supposed to be painting for an important exhibition, but the countryside has its own charms, in particular his young post lady…

The Wrong Envelope is available for purchase here.

About Liz Treacher

liz treacher

Liz is a writer and an art photographer. She lives in the Highlands of Scotland beside the sea. Her love of images influences her writing.

Her debut novel, The Wrong Envelope, is a romantic comedy, set in Devon, England, in 1920. It tells the story of Bernard, an impulsive artist and Evie, his determined post lady. Light and witty and full of twists and turns, The Wrong Envelope captures the spirit of another age – when letters could change lives.

The sequel, The Wrong Direction, follows Evie and Bernard to London, and charts their further adventures in Mayfair’s high society. Wild parties, flirtatious models, jealous friends – Bernard and Evie must negotiate many twists and turns if they are to hold on to each other.

To find out more, visit Liz’s website, follow her on Twitter @liztreacher or find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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