Jasper Viking Dog by Hilary Robinson

jasper viking dog

My enormous thanks to Strauss House and the team at StonehillSalt PR for a surprise copy of children’s book Jasper: Viking Dog by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Lewis James. I have previously met Jasper here when I reviewed Hilary’s Jasper: Space Dog so I was delighted to have the opportunity to see what else he’d been getting up to. It was also lovely to find myself quoted in this new book and on the back cover too!

I also loved Peace Lily by Hilary Robinson, reviewed here, that it was one of my top three books in 2018.

Jasper:Viking Dog is published today 13th February 2020 and is available for purchase in all good bookshops and online including here.

Jasper Viking Dog

jasper viking dog

Jasper believes he may descend from a long line of Viking dogs and is keen to help out at the local Viking Museum.

The second book in the Misadventures of Jasper series, see Jasper, Charlie Tanner and Astrid the Curator, explore interesting and hilarious ways in which Jasper might help to attract visitors.

The Jasper series includes several features which may help those who find aspects of reading challenging. The stories include dyslexic font, tinted pages, graphics and text layout considerations to help engage reluctant, emergent and enthusiastic readers.

My Review of Jasper: Viking Dog

Jasper is off on another adventure.

Having previously read and reviewed Jasper: Space Dog I knew that Hilary Robinson’s Jasper: Viking Dog would have all the elements needed to engage and support reluctant readers and emerging independent readers. Indeed, there is an accessible font, plenty of white space so that the amount of text isn’t daunting, and a great balance of super illustrations from Lewis James to retain interest and break up the text. The manner in which Jasper: Viking Dog opens and the epistolary format echoes that of Jasper: Space Dog so that children are able to recognise the style and attune themselves more easily to reading which is hugely important to those struggling with reading.

In Jasper: Viking Dog, Hilary Robinson uses humour to engage readers brilliantly. Parrot’s interjections and Jasper’s misunderstanding of homonyms like mousse and moose and the thought of a camel doing long jump in the next Olympics will all appeal to young readers. I’m certain the inclusion of information about Viking poo will make many young readers smile.

Whilst I love the entertaining story in its own right, I love the potential that arises in Jasper: Viking Dog even more. The book is perfect in promoting literacy and reading, especially through the inclusion of Norse words in our language and the accessibility of the text, but numeracy is supported through the coins, the timelines and dates so that there is something for every parent, teacher and child to explore. There’s opportunity here to discuss language, history, sport and geography, so that the book is valuable beyond the enjoyment of the story. Jasper: Viking Dog is another cracker of a children’s book from Hilary Robinson.

About Hilary Robinson

hilary r

Hilary Robinson is an author, radio producer, broadcaster and feature writer. She was born in Devon and brought up in Nigeria and England. The author of over forty books for children she is best known for Mixed Up Fairy Tales. Her books have been translated into a number of languages and are sold across the world. She lives and works in London and Yorkshire.

You can follow Hilary on Twitter @HilsRobinson and visit her website for more information. You can also follow Jasper on Twitter @jasper_space!

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