Moments by Daphne Denley


I’m rather partial to poetry so when Daphne Denley got in touch to ask if I’d like a copy her autobiographical collection of verse Moments I had to say that I would!

Moments will be published by Crumps Barn Studio on 29th August 2019 and is available for pre-order here.



This collection of poems is an autobiography in verse. In turns heartfelt, familiar and beautifully observed, Daphne explores each of life’s Moments – and in the process shows us how, even in the worst of times, hope can return in the end.

My Review of Moments

A collection of personal poems on all aspects of life.

Although I think the structure of these personal and touching poems in Moments won’t appeal to all readers, I found it incredibly interesting. Daphne Denley’s syntax is frequently truncated, reflecting the speed with which life goes by, as if there wasn’t time to add in pronouns or articles that would make the words easier to read and more flowing. I thought this was a brilliant technique, as it not only conveyed the emotions within the poems, but I had to read more carefully to follow the author’s meaning and thereby gained a greater insight to Daphne Denley’s work and her life. I loved the fact she made me think and work quite hard because it gave greater gravitas to her words. I also appreciated the many questions in the poems as the writer struggles to come to terms with what is happening in her life and to her husband.

As so many aspects of life – from simply looking at clouds to more complex personal issues like health and bullying and greater global concerns, such as the power of the planet – are subjects of these poems, there is something in Moments for every reader. When I read Stress, for example, it felt as if Daphne Denley had dived into my head and conveyed exactly what was happening in my own life at that point. I have to confess to being rather undone by that particular piece.

At the risk of being accused of sexism, I do think these poems will resonate more with women than men. Equality? for example, where the voice feels as if she has created a rod for her own back by trying to prove she can be all things to all people is something several women of a certain age will relate to most strongly.

Moments is an interesting and frequently moving collection, but also one with a powerful message. Daphne Denley encourages her readers to be themselves and to make the most of every moment building positive memories for the future. What could be better than that?

About Daphne Denley

Daphne Denley portrait_sml

Like many of us, Daphne Denley is a fully signed-up apprentice of mid-life mayhem. She is a mother trying to adjust to her daughter’s grown up tastes. And she is a loving wife who has had her life turned upside down by her husband’s devastating diagnosis.

You can follow Daphne on Twitter @DaphneDenley.

4 thoughts on “Moments by Daphne Denley

  1. Thank you Linda,
    I read your reviews faithfully in the early morning here in Barcelona, but rarely comment. It is refreshing to see honesty and enlightened assessment of books without the tedium of stars and emojis. Your opinions are gracious and guiding. Cheers K

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  2. That’s very kind of you Kevin. I avoid stars because I don’t believe they tell us anything. My 5 stars may only be 4 for another reader. Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews.


  3. I love poetry Linda, and really enjoyed this blog. I related particularly to your comment ‘being rather undone’ as good poetry can do that in moment … moving one from laughter to tears and between in just a line or two.

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