The Frizz by Jasmine Fogwell


My thanks to Jasmine Fogwell for a copy of her children’s book The Frizz in exchange for an honest review.

The Frizz is available for purchase here.

The Frizz


Jeannie Avery Gibbins has frizzy hair and a wild imagination. Every day her mother has to help tame the frizz to get her ready for school.

But each morning, when Jeannie sees her hair in the mirror, she gets an idea. Today, she doesn’t see frizzy hair, instead she sees a lion’s mane.

What do you think Jeannie’s hair will turn into tomorrow?

My Review of The Frizz

Jeannie’s hair has a life of its own!

The Frizz is a charming children’s story about a girl with difficult to tame hair. It has super illustrations that give extra detail and enhance the story. At the risk of sounding sexist, I think it will probably appeal more to girls than boys simply because of the reference to hair products and items like bobby pins.

The structure is great for children as there is both repetition when Jeannie wakes up, and development through the attempts to tame her hair on each day that Jeannie gets ready for school, so that young readers can feel reassured and excited simultaneously.

The vocabulary is accessible to those who are more independent readers, with a few more challenging aspects so that I think The Frizz will develop confidence in reading. I thought Jeannie’s antics (like using a hairbrush as a microphone for her singing) were a smashing blend of familiar behaviours children can understand and more unusual ones (such as being a mop) that children can use to build their own imaginations too.

The Frizz is a fun and entertaining story that I recommend.

About Jasmine Fogwell


Jasmine grew up in Norland, Ontario, Canada. She graduated from Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario with a Bachelor of Religious Education. One of her passions is skiing and she is a certified Level 2 ski instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance. Jasmine enjoys being in the mountains, reading, playing soccer, and traveling.

You can find Jasmine on Facebook.

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