Wishker by Heather Pindar


I’ve been privileged to read another of Heather Pindar’s wonderful children’s books published by Maverick in the past so I was delighted when Val sent me Heather’s latest book, Wishker, for review.

I adored Heather’s Froggy Day and reviewed that book here.

Wishker is a purple band early reader and will be published by Maverick on 8th April 2019. You can pre-order it here.



Mirabel just wants zoo animals for pets and ice cream everyday but everyone always says ‘no’!

When a rufty-tufty cat comes to town, Mirabel gets her wish… but will she be happy?

My Review of Wishker

Mirabel is fed up because no-one lets her have her way.

Once again Maverick Books have produced a wonderful children’s book from Heather Pindar. Wishker is a perfect size for young children to hold and either read with an adult or independently.

Text is laid out clearly and effectively so that children can see exactly how speech should be presented. I thought the range of punctuation was very skilfully handled so that question marks, exclamation marks and ellipsis are naturally exemplified enabling emergent writers to see how they might be used. There’s a super use of language too with a little word play in ‘Purr-haps’ and great onomatopoeia, but with accessible and familiar vocabulary to give children confidence in their own writing and reading. The questions at the end of the book enable adults to check children’s understanding and they provide a lovely opportunity for adults and children to discuss and share together.

There’s a clear moral to the story too with Mirabel learning that you have to be careful what you wish for and not to be too greedy.

However, those educational elements aside Wishker is a smashing children’s story in its own right. There’s a great plot, with humour and relationships woven through it. The illustrations by Sarah Jennings are simply wonderful. They are bright, colourful and interesting. I can see that they would afford lots of opportunity for counting, identifying and sharing.

I thought Wishker was a smashing children’s story.

About Heather Pindar

heather pindar

After growing up in Yorkshire, Heather studied German at university, and then settled in London for many years. She recently moved with her partner David to live in Guildford where she can spend more time cycling and walking, and riding her cheeky grey horse, Finty.

Heather has over twenty years’ experience as a teacher; she currently works part time in a Primary School in South London. She finds the children’s brilliant imaginations and love of stories are her biggest inspiration for writing picture books.

You can follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherPindar.

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