Funerals Your Way by Sarah Jones

Funerals Your Way

My very grateful thanks to the author Sarah Jones for sending me a copy of Funerals Your Way in return for an honest review. Funerals may seem an uncomfortable subject, but when my fabulous Dad died a couple of years ago his funeral was wonderful because he had planned it with us. We knew what music he wanted and he even left us all a message to be read, all of which he had done a few years in advance of the stroke which robbed him of all decision making (and indeed dignity) prior to his death. Having a brother-in-law who’d been a funeral director certainly helped, but not everyone is as fortunate. Consequently, I think this aspect of our lives is hugely important and am delighted to review Funerals Your Way as a result.

Funerals Your Way is available for purchase here.

Funerals Your Way

Funerals Your Way

This short book gives you the information, suggestions and step-by-step guidance you need to create funerals which truly reflect the person who has died.

It will help you if you want to express your own wishes, want to have a meaningful conversation with someone close to you or if you need to arrange a funeral at need.

It is designed to support people who intend to use the services of a funeral director, but would also give inspiration to those who would rather not.

My Review of Funerals Your Way

Sarah Jones’s straightforward approach to funerals.

What a fabulous practical and sensitive book Funerals Your Way is. The book is divided into 11 practical chapters written with a clear and calm pragmatic style illustrating Sarah Jones’ caring and thoughtful attitude. With questions to ask and examples to guide, there are places for the reader to make notes of their thoughts, of what their loved one may have wanted and to reflect on memories so that thinking about a funeral becomes very firmly focused on the deceased. I thought this was such a beautifully humane approach.

Along with the various stages explained, I found the photographs helped in demystifying the funeral process too, but what really touched me were the statements from people who have gone through the process themselves as I think they help others understand the emotional aspects to funeral planning and to realise that what they may be experiencing is perfectly acceptable. I did find myself shedding a tear or two as I read. I also found elements that have altered what I would like for my own funeral and what I would like after my husband’s should he die before me.

There are practical elements too and the appendices give information on everything from what happens when a person dies at home through green funerals to registering a death.

What I liked most of all about Funerals Your Way was the way in which it empowers the reader. As a funeral director Sarah Jones is well aware that not all firms offer the same level of support and she gives those of us who wouldn’t have access to her services the tools to cope with, and ask questions of, those funeral directors in our own region. I’m sure some people would otherwise simply find themselves experiencing a funeral they didn’t necessarily feel right for them or their loved one.

Not only does Funerals Your Way sensitively guide a bereaved person through the funeral process, it enables all of us to consider the one inevitability in life calmly and thoughtfully. It has helped me clarify what I want for my own funeral and given me the practical tools with which to achieve it successfully. I would urge readers to set aside our avoidance of talking about death and read this book. It will definitely help and I recommend it most highly. I thought it was excellent.

About Sarah Jones


Sarah is part of the award winning team of funeral directors Full Circle. Sarah previously worked as a doctor and then with adults with learning difficulties. She has a husband and two young children and enjoys exploring on foot and bicycle.

Sarah believes ardently that we would all benefit from speaking about death and dying more openly so that we are better able to support ourselves and our loved ones in life and death.

You can find out more by following Full Circle on Twitter @FCFuneral and visiting their website. You’ll also find them on Facebook.

14 thoughts on “Funerals Your Way by Sarah Jones

  1. Having recently organised my dad’s funeral, as you know, I can only agree what a help it is to know someone’s wishes in advance. I have huge respect for funeral directors who work with such dignity and kindness at such difficult times. This book sounds invaluable.


  2. We’re very lucky in my area to have an excellent Funeral Director. He was brilliant when it came to arranging Dad’s funeral, sensitively bringing up issues we hadn’t thought about. His daughter is now taking over the business and I’m sure she will be every bit as caring and efficient.

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  3. A very important book, by the sound of it. Too many people don’t think about it until it’s too late. Fortunately, my dad was willing talk about his and we all had a great time. I’m looking forward to my mum’s now – though doesn’t seem as keen…

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  4. This sounds like such a helpful book, I wish I’d had it when my mum died. I knew what my mum’s wishes were on some elements of her funeral but not on others and it was so hard knowing what to do for the best at a time when emotions are all over the place. I think a book like this would be such a great help for a lot of people, thanks for sharing it on your blog. x

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  5. We have discussed her funeral, so although the whole process hasn’t been planned, the general themes are there. I just meant she’s not so keen on it happening! And I do remember us talking about your mum still being around…

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