Discussing Within the Silence with Nicola Avery

Within the Silence

In the new year I am stepping back from blogging on a daily basis in order to read some of the wonderful books that have been sent to me so that I can concentrate on reviews. I’m enormously grateful to Alice Geary at Midas PR for providing a copy of Within the Silence by Nicola Avery for me to review in the future and for organising for me to stay in with Nicola to chat about the book.

Staying in with Nicola Avery

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Nicola.

My pleasure and thank you for inviting me.

I rather think I know the answer to this question but tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

Within the Silence

I’ve brought a copy of my latest book – Within the Silence, chosen because it has just has its debut, and again because it highlights something we still need to be aware of; the vulnerability of our young, and the dangers, not just from strangers…Also, because I hope readers will enjoy the writing and catch the essential threads of endearing hope, the power of love, redemption, forgiveness and justifiable retribution amongst the storyline.

(If that beautiful cover is anything to go by Nicola, readers are in for a real treat. I can’t wait to read Within the Silence.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Within the Silence?

I hope that you as a reader of Within the Silence will also keep turning the pages right to the end.  Parts should make you shudder, make you smile with the black humour, but make you genuinely feel the pain, fear and frustrations of the characters I created, and their daunting pursuit of truth and justice.  Be prepared, because it crosses a number of genres (I’m a publisher’s nightmare) as it tells the tale of a family and its hidden secrets, some sad, some dark and others darker still. There is a loving father, Jon Stone, a revered psychiatrist and doting husband.  His daughter Maddy, who has secrets she cannot tell anyone and Zara, the stepdaughter and best friend to Maddy, that must unearth these unspoken secrets before a tragic history repeats itself. And fast! There’s only one problem … but I can’t tell you that, as it will spoil the plot!

(It sounds brilliant. I love cross genre books – in fact I really don’t like the fact we are supposed to categorise books into genres at all even if it does help readers choose!)

Oh – and it has a paranormal twist!

(Well of course!)

What else have you brought along and why? 


A cold bottle of Albarino – because it’s one of my favourite Spanish wines, lovely to sip curled up with a book.  A mixed tray of tapas – can’t visit Majorca without tasting some of their tapas.  And a mix of coastal photos of Majorca, an Island with its ever-changing coastline, sea and skies.  Hauntingly beautiful colours and scenes, with seas that can change in colours, depth and temperament – just ask a sailor…

I love Majorca though I haven’t been for years. That tapas takes me right back. Thanks so much for staying in with me Nicola, and telling us all about Within The Silence. It sounds as if I’m in for a reading treat!

Within the Silence

Within the Silence

Jon Stone is a revered psychiatrist, doting husband, loving father. But he has many secrets.

Maddy Stone, Jon’s daughter, has her own secrets. But she can’t tell anyone.

Zara, Maddy’s stepsister and best friend, faces a race against time. Can she unearth the family’s dark secrets before a tragic history repeats itself?

Two girls: one living and lost, the other scarred and silent, must join forces to prevent the unspeakable…

Published by Browne Raven Within the Silence is available for purchase here.

About Nicola Avery

Nicola Avery

With an artist and writer for a father and ballet dancer for a mother, Nicola was destined to go back to her creative roots. Having spent a decade in Australia, she returned to her birthplace, Surrey, to raise her family. Fascinated with the concept that she had lived before, Nicola studied and qualified as a hypnotherapist and past life therapist, using her personal insight and experiences to create the controversial plots for her thrillers. Within the Silence is her second novel.

You can find out more by visiting Nicola’s website and following her on Twitter @NicolaAveryAuth.

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