Staying in with Samuel Bigglesworth

A beautiful Place to Die

I am delighted to welcome Samuel Bigglesworth to Linda’s Book Bag today. Sam is staying in with me to tell me about one of his books and I won’t be giving too much away if I say it is a collection of short stories. I think we need more short stories in our lives so let’s see what Sam has to say.

Staying in with Samuel Bigglesworth

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Sam. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

A beautiful Place to Die

Hi! I have chosen A Beautiful Place to Die: Heart-wrenching tales of human vulnerability, a collection of literary fiction short stories.

(I think we need more short stories in our busy lives Sam so I’m delighted you’ve brought this collection along.)

What can we expect from an evening in with A Beautiful Place to Die: Heart-wrenching tales of human vulnerability?

I chose this collection because I love stories which humanise people, and show their flaws. Many people who appear unremarkable from the outside, have remarkable stories to tell. Pain and growth are common to all our lives.

(You’re absolutely right!)

Many reviewers have applauded the descriptive and succinct writing style. Please find a review below which will give a good idea of what to expect.

A new albeit ominous voice in the vein of Shirley Jackson and Flannery O’Connor, it also delves into a Murakami-like simplicity that pulsates with a wicked undertow. These short stories are full of life, character, manically-distinct description. Realities are established impeccably–so well, in fact, that a lack of plot in several of these vignettes seems just so right, very natural. Bigglesworth develops a slight psychosis in most of his tales that does not paint everything quite black. It manifests itself in the mundane dog walk, in the forgotten homeless. Forest walks or long journeys through adulthood; life is stretched out and then condensed. For our reader’s pleasure.

Also, the illustrations by Henry Boon add a children’s story sadness to the whole collection. It’s a good one!

(That’s quite an endorsement Sam.)

What else have you brought along and why?


Well, I am from Manchester, England, so to eat I have brought along a cup of English breakfast tea with a dash of milk and a slice of Manchester tart!

manchester tart

To play I have brought Definitely Maybe by Oasis. It really gives you a feel for the city!

You’re just my kind of guest! You are welcome back any time if you’re going to bring tea and food! I’m not averse to Oasis either! Thanks so much for staying in with me Sam, to tell me all about A Beautiful Place to Die: Heart-wrenching tales of human vulnerability. Let’s tell everyone a bit more about the book.

A Beautiful Place to Die

A beautiful Place to Die

A pensioner with advancing cancer is kicked out of her home with her dog. She doesn’t want to die on the filthy city streets, so sets about finding a more beautiful place to rest her head.

A lady sick of seeing people act coldly decides to help a man on the street. She later finds out he escaped from prison only twenty-four hours before.

A Beautiful Place to Die is a heart-warming short story collection which will make you laugh and cry. Plunging you into the minds of outsiders of all stripes, from nine to ninety year olds, and from settings as diverse as derelict warehouses and wild woodland, these stories highlight the beauty buried in the most unlikely of places.

A Beautiful Place to Die is available for purchase here.

About Samuel Bigglesworth

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 07.58.22

Samuel Bigglesworth’s writing career started in 2014 with a blog; in 2015, he decided to commit to writing fiction long term. Towards the end of the year, after a few online courses and a great deal of time writing, he self-published his first novella, a character based comedy about one man’s love affair with nature, entitled The Woods, The Jungle, The Sea. It was inspired by experiences he had visiting remote parts of Patagonia, Bolivia, and Colombia. It has sold one-hundred copies and received generally positive reviews. From that experience, he decided to wait longer and take each project through more edits before self-publishing it. He wanted to try writing in different voices, from a variety of character’s perspectives, and develop his writing style, so he began writing this short story collection.

You can follow Samuel on Twitter @sambigglesworth and find him on Facebook.

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