Discussing Christmas at Liberty’s with Fiona Ford on Publication Day

Christmas at Libertys

I’m delighted to welcome Fiona Ford back to Linda’s Book Bag as part of the launch celebrations for Christmas at Liberty’s and would like to thank both Fiona and Rachel Kennedy at Penguin Random House for inviting me to participate

Fiona previously wrote a fabulous guest post for the blog about loving the past that you can read here.

Today I’m delighted to be chatting with Fiona all about her latest book Christmas at Liberty’s as she stays in with me. This is the first in Fiona’s new Liberty Girls series.

Staying in with Fiona Ford

Welcome back to Linda’s Book Bag Fiona. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thanks so much for having me Linda – it’s really lovely to stay in with you and chat all things delicious about books.

Tell me, (as if I couldn’t guess!) which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

I have brought along my newest release – Christmas at Liberty’s which as you might expect centres around the iconic Liberty’s department store in 1942. I’ve chosen it because at this time of year I genuinely love to visit Liberty’s and see the store as it gets ready for Christmas and I think this book allows readers to bring a little of that Liberty’s sparkle home for a good night in – all with a good dollop of wartime intrigue and suspense thrown in for good measure.

(Now that sounds perfect. I happen to know that congratulations are in order too as today is Christmas at Liberty’s publication day so happy publication day Fiona!)

What can we expect from an evening in with Christmas at Liberty’s?

Well this is a wartime saga, but its a saga with heart, grit and crime all set against the wonderful backdrop of Liberty’s. It centres around Mary – a rather posh girl who has fallen on hard times and needs to reinvent her entire life after she’s thrown out of her family following a scandal. With no sewing experience she finds a new job in the fabric department of Liberty’s – cue heartache, merriment, betrayal,  drama all intertwined with the glamour of London’s most unique department store.

(I can imagine what a lovely story this will be Fiona.)

What else have you brought along and why? 

port and lemon

I wanted to bring in the plaque that I saw on the staircase of Liberty’s that commemorates the lives of those staff members who died in the war which inspired this book.  However that was a bit big, so instead I’ve settled on a good old fashioned glass of port and lemon. As the bombs dropped these girls loved nothing more than a port and lemon to keep the cold out and spirits high. It might be a bit old fashioned now but I think it’s the perfect tipple to enjoy if you’re staying in with a good book.

(Gosh. I haven’t had a port and lemon in years. Just right for us to settle down with and chat a bit more!)

Thanks so much for staying in with me to tell me all about Christmas at Liberty’s Fiona. I think it sounds a perfect read at any time, but especially in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas at Liberty’s

 Christmas at Libertys

September, 1941.

Mary arrives in war-torn London nursing a broken heart and a painful secret.

When she is offered her dream post as an assistant in the fabric department at Liberty store, she knows this is the fresh start she needs. Amid the store’s vibrant prints and sumptuous interiors, Mary finds a new family who can help her to heal.

But not everyone will give Mary such a warm welcome, and the trauma of her past will soon catch up with her.

As Mary and the Liberty Girls endure the heartache and uncertainty of war, it will take a steady heart to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

Published today, 15th November 2018 by Penguin imprint Arrow, Christmas at Liberty’s is available for purchase through the links here.

About Fiona Ford


Fiona Ford was born in Cornwall and grew up in Bath. As well as having a thirst for books Fiona had a huge interest in history and adored listening to her grandfather talk about his time in the navy during World War Two. Together they spent many a happy afternoon poring over the large collection of photos he had taken travelling the globe, somehow managing to perfectly capture life during wartime. Although Fiona went on to develop a successful career as a journalist, she never forgot her passion for the past.

You can find out more about Fiona by following her on Twitter @fionajourno, finding her on Facebook or visiting her website www.fionaford.co.uk.

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Christmas at Liberty's

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