Top Three Things I’d Tell My 18 Year Old Self: A Guest Post by Jay Mullings, Author of The Thought Book 2

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I often wonder what my 18 year old self would have thought if they knew then what I know now about how life was going to pan out. Today I’m delighted to welcome Jay Mullings, author of The Thought Book 2 to Linda’s Book Bag to share some advice with his 18 year old self in a smashing guest post.

The Thought Book 2 is available for purchase here.

The Thought Book 2

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The Thought Book II is a companion that builds the self esteem and confidence of its readers. TTB2 helps you to sustain your drive and quieten the voice of anxiety in your thoughts. No matter your career path or choice of goals, The Thought Book II contains what you need to strengthen your edge.

Top Three Things I’d Tell My 18 Year Old Self

A Guest Post by Jay Mullings

 It’s the year 2018 and finally we have a working time travel device (disguised as a smart watch). I am lucky enough to be chosen for its maiden trial. Seeing as time travel is risky, I am only allowed to have one interaction and that’s with my 18-year-old self. No one would ever believe 18-year-old spoke with a future version of themself.

Now I don’t have long before they find me. I’ve decided not too much good comes from going back in time but in the name of science here are the top three things I said to 18-year-old Jay.

Follow Your Passion

I spent the majority of my youth acquiring knowledge that is of little consequence to me now. Learning the inner workings of computers was a true waste of my talent. Studying for qualifications I have no use for was almost sinful.

Jay your true calling is (I didn’t spoil it for him) in your heart. Be passionate and don’t be scared to dream as big as possible with that crazy imagination you have! You know what it is and you should definitely pursue it. We smile at each other; I know myself all too well.

Be Formless

Growing up it was accepted as true wisdom to be a master of only one thing. “Well, in our future world you need multiple strings to your bow.” I tell myself this and I can see it causing an internal struggle. We go back and forth about a Jack-of-all-trades being a master of none. I retort, “Jack has multiple revenue streams and creative outlets for his skills. Jack is doing just fine. Do you really want to waste precious time debating this with the one person who has seen this movie already?” Stop hiding your secondary talents in pursuit of one. Try to sharpen them all or use them in service of each other.

Amplify Your Voice

I wrap things up by giving probably the best advice of all (I am well aware self praise is no recommendation). Speak up about the things you see and feel. You have really specific insight, be sure to share it. Most of all speak up about all the times you’ve been mistreated or singled out for being young, gifted and black. Don’t keep it all bottled up inside.

Share your bold, silly and funny views with the world. Don’t let the cruel people of the world silence you or wipe that broad smile from your face. Share your unique voice with the world. It might be a good idea to exempt this conversation between us though…

Okay, let me not leave you high and dry, I’ll answer a few of your questions quickly. No Arsene Wenger will never deliver the champions league for Arsenal. Thierry Henry leaves for Barcelona, wins the champions league and then plays in the MLS before coming back on loan for us. He has a statue outside the new ground as our record goal scorer. Chelsea wins the Champions League before we do, Leicester City wins the premier league, Spurs finish above us more than once, Manchester City becomes a force in World Football and America gets its 1st Black President. He does two terms and there are no assassination attempts. No Hilary Clinton does not succeed him; Donald Trump becomes President of The United States immediately after…

Why don’t you believe me?

(Ha! I have to agree that last fact is rather unbelievable Jay! Great advice to your former self though.)

About Jay Mullings

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Jay Mullings, who is part of the ‘Sleepless Elite’, has thrived on just 3 hours a night for the past 6 years. Rather than limited sleep being a hindrance, Jay maximises these twilight hours by writing and developing his business Written Mirror Ltd.

You can follow Jay on Twitter @WrittenMirror.

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