Giveaway and Review: The Swarm That Swarmed by Fernanda Lazzaro

swarm that swarmed

My grateful thanks to the author Fernanda Lazzaro for a copy of her children’s book The Swarm that Swarmed in return for an honest review.

I’m thrilled that Fernanda has allowed me to offer a copy of The Swarm that Swarmed as a giveaway too. You can enter at the bottom of this blog post.

The Swarm that Swarmed is available for purchase through these links.

The Swarm that Swarmed

swarm that swarmed

Join twins Vivian and Fil, along with best friend Tia, on their first day of summer break.

What happens when they discover runaway bees?

See how the threesome get into mischief, not save the day, and learn a few sticky lessons along the way.

My Review of The Swarm that Swarmed

Tia rushes over to her friends’ house on the first day of the holidays.

The Swarm that Swarmed is a lovely children’s book. It is totally appropriate for children in KS1 or 2 as it has so many layers that can be explored on both an educational and enjoyable level. Firstly, it’s an amusing and entertaining story with a clear setting and the type of events that will be familiar and engaging to children such as getting dirty and eating ice-cream. The beautifully presented illustrations add an extra dimension to the story too. The contrast between north American and British English (such as curb and kerb) could also lead to some very interesting discussions about language use if this book were to be read in schools.

I enjoyed meeting the children in the story and Tia in particular is extremely well created with a personality that jumps from the page. I really appreciated the fact that the friends are from different ethnicities so that tolerance and friendship are portrayed very clearly.

In fact, The Swarm that Swarmed has so many worthwhile messages about healthy eating, getting out in the fresh air and not just sitting in front of the television, friendship and nature especially. With bees so precariously surviving at the moment I think The Swarm that Swarmed would encourage and enthuse children to be environmentally aware and responsible. I adored the fact that the children actually go to a library to do some research about the bees and the information they find is another educational aspect to the book. It’s also a very valuable lesson to find that they can’t make the bees behave as they want. We aren’t always successful in life and this is an important aspect to accept.

The Swarm that Swarmed is everything a children’s book should be; it’s educational, entertaining and fun and I really recommend it.

About Fernanda Lazzaro


Fernanda Lazzaro has also worked as a reporter for a local TV station; and as a producer/co-host for a Canadian fitness lifestyle program. Her love of bees began in the concrete jungle of her elementary school yard in Toronto. The only flowers that existed bordered the school fence and there she was, a lonely honey bee going about her business. It captured Fernanda’s attention. She has since become a beekeeper. Fernanda is still fascinated with bugs and how their small existence has a huge importance on our eco-system. ​​​​

You can visit Fernanda’s website for more information.

Giveaway – A copy of The Swarm That Swarmed by Fernanda Lazzaro

swarm that swarmed

For your chance to win a copy of The Swarm that Swarmed by Fernanda Lazzaro, click here.

Giveaway closes at UK midnight on Tuesday 23rd October 2018. Once a random winner has been selected please note that I will not retain your personal details and that the prize will be sent directly from the author so may take a while to arrive!

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