Staying in with Julie C. Gardiner

Forgetting Ophelia

One of the absolute joys of book blogging is being there at the ‘birth’ of a book. Today I’m thrilled to welcome Julie C. Gardiner to stay in with me on Linda’s Book Bag on publication day for her latest novel in her Friendship and Secrets series.

Staying in with Julie Gardiner

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Julie. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thank YOU so much for inviting me!

A pleasure! Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

Forgetting Ophelia

Tonight I’ve brought along my newest release, Forgetting Ophelia. It’s Book Three of the Friendship and Secrets series, and I’m absolutely thrilled to share it with you.

I understand it’s Forgetting Ophelia publication day Julie so huge congratulations. Tell me a little bit about what we can expect from an evening in with Forgetting Ophelia.

Forgetting Ophelia follows one woman’s transformation from “meek pleaser” to strong self-advocate. When her plans for the future go up in smoke, Lia Townsend must forge a new path to happiness or else remain mired in the past life of sacrifice.

(Hmm. I’ve never been a “meek pleaser” so I think I’d find this concept really interesting.) 

Best-selling author Robin Townsend calls Forgetting Ophelia “An emotionally compelling story about love, the lies we tell, and new beginnings. I couldn’t put it down.”

(That sounds like my kind of read!)

I hope you’ll feel for Lia too—that you’ll root for her, and celebrate her triumphs. There’s also a love triangle (or square) in this book. I never can resist a little romance.

(Oo, I think we all need a little romance in our lives!)

What else have you brought along and why? 


I had to bring along my three dogs, the constant companions in my life as an author.

(This is very much a cat household Julie so I hope they won’t mind!)

While my husband is at work all day, my rescue pups stay home with me.


You can usually find one or more of them lying across my laptop or pawing at my arm to get my attention. If I’m stuck on a particularly tough scene, I just throw on my shoes and we go for a walk.


Plus, my dogs don’t care about book sales or reviews; they love me just the way I am. (For the record, my husband does, too. I’m sure he’s waiting for me right now with a bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses to celebrate the launch of Forgetting Ophelia!)

I’m sure he does Julie! Thanks so much for staying in with me to tell me all about Forgetting Ophelia and happy publication day once again.

Thanks again for having me, Linda. It’s been a real treat, and I hope you enjoyed your time with my book in your bag!

I have indeed!

Forgetting Ophelia

Forgetting Ophelia

Ever-hopeful Lia thinks she’ll be with handsome, brooding Jake forever. Until one day he completely blindsides her and makes her question everything she knows…

Lia Townsend is expecting a ring and a trip to Hawaii for her fifth wedding anniversary. Instead, her husband, Jake, walks out on her. Out of the blue.

Devastated, Lia vows to win back Jake and the perfect life they shared.

Because it was perfect, wasn’t it?

But as Lia searches for the truth behind Jake’s departure, cracks in the shiny varnish begin to show. And once she uncovers his secret, all that she once knew and believed in crumbles.

Lia’s eccentric mother, her best friend, and two vastly different men each pull her in new directions, and Lia attempts to push past the pain and start anew.

But Jake isn’t gone for good. When an accident rocks the lives of their best friends, Lia and Jake are thrown together. Will Lia choose to salvage her old life with the man who broke her heart – or was everything they shared an illusion?

Published by Velvet Morning Press, today 8th October 2018, Forgetting Ophelia is available for purchase here.

About Julie C. Gardiner


Julie Gardiner is a lapsed marathon runner and former high school English teacher who traded in her classroom for a writing nook. The author of Lily by Any Other Name, Letters for Scarletand its prequel Guest ListJulie lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, and three dogs. When she’s away from my computer, Julie can be found with a good book, a glass of wine, or a pair of running shoes. Her best days feature all of the above.

You  can find out more by visiting Julie’s website, or following her on Twitter @juliecgardnerFacebook, and Instagram.

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