Staying in with R. K. Wheeler

Witch of Endor

I can’t believe how many great new to me authors I have had the chance to ‘meet’ through this staying in with feature on Linda’s Book Bag and today I welcome another to spend an evening with me – this time it’s R.K. Wheeler.

Staying in with R.K. Wheeler

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Robert and thank you for agreeing to stay in with me. Tell, me, which of your books have you brought to tell us about this evening?

Witch of Endor

I have chosen The Witch of Endor as my first book with you Linda as I think that it would appeal to the most readers, being a YA/Midgrade, paranormal, romantic fantasy.

Sounds good. What can we expect from an evening in with The Witch of Endor?

Although devoid of swear words or sex, it is full of romance, action, suspense and plot twists.  The reviews thus far have been stellar and I have recently finished production to audiobook with my wonderful producer Jas Walker.  Although English born he currently resides in France.  This novel is available on and will be on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

Each chapter in my story starts with a poem about the chapter.  I prefer to write in rhyme.

The blood’s the life the life’s the blood

Beware the night and vampire’s bite

A cross a stake be sure to make

Or pray the Lord your soul to take

(Now, this is why I avoid vampire stories usually – too scary!)

What else have you brought along and why have you brought it?


I would recommend some buttered popcorn for the suspenseful, scarier scenes, and a bit of chocolate for the more romantic tales.

Now that sounds like a plan to me!

Thanks so much for staying in with me to tell me all about The Witch of Endor Robert. I’ve really enjoyed it and you never know – I might one day be brave enough to read it!

The Witch of Endor

Witch of Endor

Lilith grew up seeing and speaking with the dead, although she did not realize they were dead until her parents asked her to whom she was speaking with. It was the magic that came later when she reached puberty. She could not control the magic in those early years so her parents had to move from Nazareth to Endor. The move was not far enough though, for it was not long before the rumors started. A man walked through the doors of Lilith’s magic shop one day. He was different. He was not afraid of the spirits and he had a rudimentary ability to use magic.

Their nightly meetings turned into more than palm readings and magic practice. She fell for Lamech and was in love in his arms. Still doubts nagged at the back of her mind. Why had she never seen him by day and why had she never seen him eat? He always had a good excuse.

Was it another woman? She had to find out so she followed him one night before dawn. He entered a cave and what she found there was not what she had ever imagined and it would change her life forever.

The Witch of Endor is available for purchase here.

About R. K. Wheeler


R.K Wheeler is a Florida native who shields himself at times from the sun’s rays behind a computer, writing books.  He dreams of traveling full time, gleaning inspiration from frosty peaks and fertile plains, thick forests and luminescent caverns.  However, until that day comes, Robert must keep his day job as a chiropractic physician. He enjoys beekeeping.

R. K. Wheeler has four beautiful children. His wife of 26 years stays lovingly by his side even on the days that she is a book widow.

You can find out more by visiting R.K. Wheeler’s website.

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