Staying in with Joseph Reid

Take Off

One of the ways Linda’s Book Bag has evolved over the three years I’ve been blogging is to support new authors as they begin their publication journeys and today I’m delighted to be doing just that by inviting newly published Joseph Reid to stay in with me.

Staying in with Joseph Reid

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Joseph. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

Take Off

I’ve brought my debut thriller TAKEOFF.  It just officially released to the public-at-large on July 1 after being chosen as one of Amazon’s First Reads available exclusively to Prime members in June.  It’s obviously the only book I have out at the moment, but since TAKEOFF is the first entry in my series about air-marshal-turned-investigator Seth Walker, it’s also a logical jumping off point.

(What exciting times for you. Congratulations on TAKEOFF.)

What can we expect from an evening in with TAKEOFF?

Hopefully a night where we lose track of time and stay up far later than we’d intended! Those kinds of page-turners were always my favorites growing up—books where you get to the last page of each chapter and keep telling yourself, “one more, just one more” despite the hour on the clock.

(Oh yes! We all like those kind of reads Joseph!)

And that’s the kind of momentum I’ve tried to impart to TAKEOFF: it starts with a bang, literally, when Seth and the young girl he is bodyguarding are attacked in the first chapter, and then they are forced to race to save themselves from there.  Thankfully, readers seem to be getting that feeling I wanted, as “couldn’t put it down” is one of the most consistent comments I’ve received in the reviews.

(You must be delighted with that feedback. I think TAKEOFF sounds very exciting.)

What else have you brought along and why?

If we’re staying up late, we’ll need some sustenance.

(I agree!)


To eat, I’ve brought a variety of sushi and dim sum.  Like me, Walker lives in southern California and has spent extensive amount of time in Asia, so he’s developed a taste for Asian cooking.  On the raw side, there’s sashimi of salmon, kampachi (amberjack tuna), and saba (mackerel) on ice, while on the hot side we’ve got steaming baskets of shrimp har gow, pork siu mai, and siu lungh bao.  That should keep us going for a while and help us get into Walker’s headspace.  I hope you’re good with chopsticks!

(Hmm. I’ll do my best. I only recently got in to eating sushi when I went to Japan on a trip so you may have to forgive my chopstick incompetence.)


To drink, a pot of Walker’s favorite: decaffeinated tea. He has this unique condition where his brain can shift into overdrive unless it’s constantly stimulated by content he listens to through an earpiece. Because of that, he scrupulously avoids caffeine and alcohol.

(Walker is a man after my own heart – there’s always all kinds of tea available in this house. I’ll put the kettle on!)

Thanks so much for staying in with me Joseph and telling me about TAKEOFF. It sounds like a very exciting read to me.


Take Off

Still reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, air marshal turned investigator Seth Walker embarks on his first case. All he has to do is accompany female pop star Max Magic to Los Angeles and deliver her to the FBI. But when their routine flight ends in a hail of gunfire at LAX, Walker has no choice but to take the frightened diva on the run.

After a second attack leaves him battered and bloody, Walker realizes he cannot trust the FBI. To keep his client alive, he must use a patchwork of trusted aviation contacts to get her home to Austin, where the key suspects await.

But as they race to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers, the biggest danger of all may be what they’re heading toward—the dark secrets that Max herself has been keeping…

TAKEOFF is available for purchase through the links here.

About Joseph Reid


The son of a navy helicopter pilot, Joseph Reid chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer who litigates multi-million-dollar cases for high-tech companies.  He has flown millions of miles on commercial aircraft and has spent countless hours in airports around the world.  A graduate of Duke University and the University of Notre Dame, he lives in San Diego with his wife and children.

You can find Joseph Reid on Twitter @josephreidbooks, find him on Facebook and visit his website.

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