Staying in with Renee Rocco

Infertility Sucks

Never having had (or had the desire to have) children of our own, but understanding the need other couples feel, I was intrigued when Renee Rocco got in touch recently so I decided to invite her onto Linda’s Book Bag to tell me all about her book.

Staying in with Renee Rocco

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Renee. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thank you for having me! What a fun way to welcome authors to your site.

I’m glad you like the concept! Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

Infertility Sucks

Currently, this is my only published book. A lifetime ago I was an author of paranormal romance, but my path changed. I now work behind the scenes for a NY publisher but decided to dip my toe back in the writing waters. One Saturday in December 2017, my daughters were outside playing in the snow together, and I thought about all the doctors who told me I’d never have children. Just like that, the words started to pour out of me, and before I knew it, Infertility Sucks was born.

(I love the fact you can pinpoint the very moment your book began.)

During my decade-long battle with infertility, I was also in constant pain due to a host of reproductive issues. Namely, endometriosis and a diseased fallopian tube. I suffered in silence for so long, and know there were so many other women just like me, who felt broken and who learned to live in agony. I hope that, with each voice lent to the fight, infertility – and women’s reproductive issues as a whole – will stop being a dirty secret.

(I think there are many, many women who will identify with that sentiment Renee.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Infertility Sucks?

Well, I get pretty raw about the embarrassing details of gynecological exams and childbirth!


I tried to balance the serious with a dash of humor. I tend to be a bit sarcastic, and I think that came through in my writing. Someone told me that while reading Infertility Sucks, she felt as if we were having coffee together. Just two people having a conversation. That was my hope as I wrote it. That folks come away feeling as if they’ve spent some time with an old friend.

(I think that sounds a brilliant way to tackle a difficult subject.)

I also address my battle with the depression that followed the birth of my first daughter – who we had via IVF. I didn’t have an easy life, and five months after my daughter was born, I lost my brother. Although I had already begun to sink into depression, his death was the catalyst that sent me into a downward spiral. But, I fought way back, and I talk about that, too. Gosh, I know it sounds so dark and dreary, but I wrote the story with a light, and sometimes humorous, hand.

(Don’t apologise. We all have dark times in our lives and the fact you’re here telling me about Infertility Sucks shows we can recover and have positive times too.)

What else have you brought along and why?

Frankie + Renee

I’ve brought along my husband, Frankie. Without him, my story would have ended the night I was told I’d never have kids. We met when we were twenty-seven. I’d moved on his block, and was in an awful place mentally. We became instant best friends. He taught me how to live again, and reminded me that I had courage and strength buried beneath layers of pain. Together, we built a solid foundation, and eighteen years later, we’re still the very best of friends. He once told me he couldn’t give me the world, but promised to make me laugh every day. He’s lived up to that promise. Of course, our humor tends to lean a bit toward the sarcasm, but that’s okay. I’m like Benjamin Button. I was born old and am aging in reverse. The older I get, the more carefree and silly I become. I’ve learned there’s nothing more valuable than laughter.

(How wonderful. I like the sound of Frankie very much! Here’s to the next eighteen years of getting younger together!)

Thank you so much for staying in and telling me all about Infertility Sucks Renee. I think it sounds a book to help many women through their own dark times.

Thank you so much for having me, Linda! It was a pleasure to spend some time with you.

Infertility Sucks

Infertility Sucks

At twenty-one, I was diagnosed with infertility.
It took a decade to prove the doctors wrong.

At nineteen I suffered my first ovarian cyst. Two years later a doctor declared I’d never have children. After a decade of being dismissed as a hypochondriac, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, chronic ovarian cysts, a diseased Fallopian tube, and uterine polyps. My reproductive organs were a mess, and the constant pain was unbearable.

Too stubborn to give up, I became a woman on a mission.

Three surgeries and two cycles of in vitro fertilization later, we had our first daughter. A quickie while she was at school gave us our second.

Infertility Sucks is an honest peek into how I dealt with infertility, IVF, and the depression that followed.

Infertility Sucks is available for purchase here.

About Renee Rocco


Once upon a time, Renee was an author of paranormal romance. Now she works behind the scenes for a New York publisher. Three years into parenthood, she saved her sanity when she embraced being a hot mess. Renee and her husband are more Morticia and Gomez than Rebecca and Jack. Renee says ‘My kids don’t eat organic, nor are they in dance, cheer, or sports. But we’re healthy and happy, and that’s what counts. I’m just your average suburban misfit doing my best not to raise a**holes.’

You can find out more by visiting Renee’s website and finding her on Facebook, Twitter @reneerocco, Instagram and Pinterest.

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