#Charity Special Feature: The Pound Project with Paul Murphy

pound project

I’m a strong believer in the idea that books, literature and reading can offer support and solace to many and be a force for good.

Last week I heard all about The Pound Project’s attempts to raise funds for The John Hewitt Society through a campaign in honour of Birmingham-based singer, poet, guitarist and actor Paul Murphy, who died of cancer aged 66. Unfortunately, with my laptop in for repair I wasn’t able to find out more until today.

The Campaign


Storyteller, author, actor, poet, musician, activist, teacher, troubadour, father, grandfather: the next story from The Pound Project is written by the late Paul Murphy (1949-2016).

To coincide with Paul’s birthday at the start of August The Pound Project are working with his family to release an exclusive, previously unpublished short story from the great man to raise money for the John Hewitt Society – a Northern Ireland based charity that supports writers with invaluable funding, teaching and advice.

The contents of the little book are top secret. However, it is a brilliant story of journeys and identity. There is also a prologue to the story written by Paul’s son Daniel.

The good news is that for just £1 you can read the story online or download the audio. For just £5 upwards The Pound Project will deliver a beautiful little printed book of the story right to your door.

I’ve opted for the £5 pledge and only wish I could afford to do more. If you want to know more click here.

You can follow The Pound Project on Twitter @_pound_project and find them on Facebook.

The John Hewitt Society

john hewitt society

The John Hewitt Society provides opportunities for individuals across Northern Ireland to explore issues of difference and identity through literature and creative writing. Inspired by the ideals and ideas of the poet and political writer John Hewitt, The Society was established in 1987 to promote Hewitt’s ethos of utilising literature and the arts as a medium for tackling prejudice, exclusive concepts of identity, and sectarian hostility.

For thirty years The John Hewitt Society has developed a range of literary and cultural activities to break down parochialism, narrow, exclusive concepts of identity, and hostility towards the ‘other’.

You can visit the website and follow The John Hewitt Society on Twitter @The_JHS and find them on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “#Charity Special Feature: The Pound Project with Paul Murphy

  1. Alex says:

    JP Watson’s first tale was an epic read, and this second Pound Project story from Paul Murphy can’t come soon enough! What a staggeringly refreshing and hearty project for readers to soak up.

    Liked by 1 person

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