Staying in with Elizabeth Crocket

A path to the lake

I’m at it again today on Linda’s Book Bag. I have promised myself I won’t take on any more books for review until I’ve reduced my TBR and along comes a new to me author, Elizabeth Crocket, with a new book and my bookish magpie mind is desperate to read it! At least Elizabeth has agreed to stay in with me today and chat about her latest publication.

Staying in with Elizabeth Crocket

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Elizabeth. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

I am so honoured to be here!

It’s a pleasure to host you. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

A path to the lake

I’ve brought along my women’s fiction, A Path to the Lake, released on April 29.


(I love the publication party display you’ve got there Elizabeth.)

What can we expect from an evening in with A Path to the Lake?

We can expect to be moved emotionally. Kate, my main character, has had such a tough time and needs to take care of herself.

(Aha! My kind of read. I love books with emotion.)

What else have your brought along and why did you bring it?


I brought coffee or tea for everyone from Cuppa Coffee, a funky little coffee shop, where there are quotes and poetry written on the blackboards in bright colours of chalk, with local art hanging on the walls. And art supplies to have fun with, as a couple of the characters are artists.

(Hang on a minute then whilst I get some plastic. This is a new carpet in here and I need to cover it up!)

Oh, and two men, Frank and Tom, as I need some help choosing between them. Most importantly, a bottle or two of Pinot, for those who like to imbibe!


(Well, whilst you’re deciding between Frank and Tom and drinking your wine, I’ll get my husband to put the kettle on for a cup of tea for me!)

Thanks so much for staying in with me Elizabeth. I think A Path to the Lake sounds very intriguing. 

A Path to the Lake

A path to the lake

Kate Browning, longs to experience a life of her own again after caring for her parents the past two years. However, her sister Heather’s escalating depression threatens to thrust Kate into the role of family caregiver once again.

Hungry for companionship, Kate begins a relationship with Frank Fetiscina, who was there when she and Heather needed him.

A part-time writer, she is offered an opportunity writing an inspiration column for the local paper by the editor, Tom Smythe. Kate is instantly attracted to him, and they begin a flirtatious and sexual relationship with no ties between them.

While Kate is on a date at the bistro with Frank one evening, Tom walks in unexpectedly. Tired of the expectations Frank places on her and the lack of commitment from Tom, Kate tells them she is done and storms out, realizing it’s time to take charge of her own life again.

A Path to the Lake is available on Amazon in print and e-book, and the Crimson Cloak Publishing website.

About Elizabeth Crocket


Elizabeth’s women’s fiction, A Path to the Lake, is the first of three women’s fiction to be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. She also writes Japanese short form poetry, and has had two chapbooks published by Red Moon Press. Her collection of haibun poetry, Not Like Fred and Ginger, was shortlisted for the prestigious American Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Book Award.

Elizabeth lives with her husband in Ontario, Canada, has grown children and six grandchildren she loves to the moon and back.

To learn more about Elizabeth you can find her on Facebook and to see samples of her work, you can visit her website.

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