@RomAndCozy Clothing for Book Lovers


This is a completely different post for me on Linda’s Book Bag today. Recently I was contacted by Rom and Cozy to see if I would like to feature their book related clothing on the blog.

Now, I’m often asked to do things like this and I usually turn them down because I am either not certain that the company is entirely genuine or if what they are asking me to feature is worth me putting together a blog post. I don’t want to endorse something I don’t have personal experience with.

However, this time I am more than happy to feature Rom and Cozy.


My Once Upon A Time t-shirt arrived from America just 10 days after Rom and Cozy promised to send it and the image above is of it straight out of the packet so you can see how little it is creased after a flight and the UK postal system!

I had asked for a large size as this t-shirt is described as coming up small with the suggestion of ordering a size up to normal and I must admit I’m glad I did. I’m a UK size 14 and this is quite a snug fit, but with plenty of length which is great for me at 5’8” tall. I think if you were shorter and wider it would be able to accommodate you too – up to a UK 16 – quite happily. There is another version of this design which has a ‘relaxed fit‘ too.

The fabric is quite thin which is perfect for the summer and it’s very soft and comfortable on the skin.

As it only arrived today I can’t say how the top will appear after washing, but the instructions do suggest a ‘cold wash and hang to dry’ so I’ll bear that in mind.


Rom and Cozy have lots of lovely designs on their site for both men and women. I rather fancy the items in their soon to be released  ‘Sherlock’ collection.

You can find out more about this book related clothing by following Rom and Cozy on Twitter @RomAndCozy, liking them on Facebook and visiting their website.

Also, the lovely folk at Rom and Cozy have offered Linda’s Book Bag readers a 20% off with the code LINDA2018 for a limited time!

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