Staying in with José de la Torre


Since I began this Staying in with… feature on Linda’s Book Bag I have featured authors who are new to me, who are friends in real life, and who have made me laugh, cry and think. Today’s guest, José de la Torre, is one of those who is making me think!

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Staying in with José de la Torre

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, José,  Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

It’s an honor to be here with you, thank you for inviting me along.

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

I’ve brought along my new book Spiritual Living for Busy People, because I honestly believe it may help people who may be searching.


There’s a growing trend in this country of people who consider themselves to be spiritual, but not necessarily religious.  I grew up in a very religious household, so I struggled for many years with my heart and mind at odds with each other, with my mind struggling with the faith I was raised in, while my heart sought a deeper spiritual connection with the Creator.  After twenty years of searching, I think I finally found answers that reconciled my heart with my mind.  Now I want to share those thoughts with others who may be struggling with the same thing.

(What an interesting premise for your writing. I think many, many people are indeed searching for their own version of spirituality José .)

What can we expect from an evening in with Spiritual Living for Busy People?

If you’ve been struggling with faith, or have been wanting to find more meaning in life or understand who we are and where we come from, then this book may help you find answers to all those questions.  Even if you are comfortable with your faith, you may find ideas in this book reaffirming or encouraging.

The basic conclusion I came to is that we’re all sparks off the Divine flame, so there’s nothing to do necessarily to be spiritual, because we are, at our core, spiritual beings.  Not only that, but we also have a mental body and an emotional body, that all combine and work together as a whole in our physical body.  Imagine that we create our own reality starting with a desire in our soul, then it becomes a thought, and that thought becomes energized through our emotions until it is acted on by our body.

(That’s quite profound. I’ll need to think hard about what you’re saying here.)

What else have you brought along and why? 

I brought a couple of pictures with me that I wanted to share with you.

When it comes down to it, all we have is each other.  Our lives are shaped and defined by our relationships with each other.  We get the most out of life when we love others freely, and in return, we receive love.


I was watching the sunset this evening and it was gorgeous!  It reminded me of the beauty of God’s creation.  It was as if though God had made a live painting with the sky as the canvas!  The first picture I’d like to share then, is that of a couple in love admiring a beautiful sunset.  It reminds me that it all comes down to loving each other, and it also reminds me to take the time to admire the beauty around us and to give thanks for what we have.

(You’re absolutely right that we need to be more aware of the simple pleasures in life and to be grateful for what we have – especially when we are so much better off than many others.)

When I was a young boy, we’d go camping in Boy Scouts almost every month.  One of my favorite parts of camping was lighting a camp fire at night, and then singing corny camp songs or telling outrageous ghost stories to try and scare each other.  Then when everything was over, I would just sit and stare at the flames. They can be quite mesmerizing!  Once in a while, there would be a popping sound, and an ember would go flying out.


To me, the fire is a good analogy for the Creator.  Creation is born out of a creative force that is fiery.  If God is the fire, then each of us is like a spark that pops out of the fire.  We are a tiny miniscule version of the Creator, and have part of the Creator within us.  Through that spark, we are connected directly to the Creator at all times as well, so there is never a time that we are separate from Creation or the Creator.  Even now, I enjoy watching sparks fly off from a campfire.  Even the tiniest spark has the potential of starting a brand new fire.

How interesting. Thanks so much for staying in with me and sharing your book, Spiritual Living for Busy People and your beliefs José. I’m sure you’ve given many of us food for thought.

Spiritual Living for Busy People


In today’s frantically busy world, how can we find the time to live spiritually? What does living spiritually mean, anyway? Why are we even here? What is the point of it all?

Spiritual Living for Busy People answers all of these questions, and many more.

When you read this accessible, thought-provoking book, you will:

• Learn what it means to live spiritually, and why taking small breaks for spiritual refreshment can offer great benefits.

• See how you can live spiritually, without a significant investment of your time.

• Discover your purpose in life, your reason for being here.

• Find out how you can MAP IT FIRST, DUDE to find the path to fulfillment.

• Claim your power to create the life you want.

• Consider how obtaining inner peace can contribute to world peace.

Be at peace!

Spiritual Living for Busy People is available for purchase here.

About José de la Torre


José de la Torre, who holds a degree in mathematics from Arizona State University, a Masters from the University of Texas at Austin and did a stint in the Peace Corps, was raised Catholic and spent 20 years searching for meaning. During that time he read hundreds of books on spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics. He wrote Spiritual Living for Busy People because he wanted other people to have an easier time in their own search for spirituality and meaning.

You can find out more on José’s website. You’ll also find him on Facebook.

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