Staying in with K.S.R. Burns

Paris ever after

After a short break whilst I was on my travels to India in the hope of seeing tigers in the wild, I’m delighted to return to blogging today by spending an evening in with K.S.R Burns who has joined me on Linda’s Book Bag to tell me about one of her novels.

If you’re an author who’d also like to stay in with me to tell me about one of your books, please click here for more details.

Staying in with K.S.R. Burns

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Karen. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Hello Linda! Thanks for the wonderful invitation. I’m happy to be here.

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

Paris ever after

Today I’ve brought along my brand new novel, Paris Ever After. It’s just released today, May 1, 2018, and is the continuing story and adventures of Amy Brodie, a young woman whose “secret” trip to Paris (the city of her dreams) unexpectedly turned into a life in Paris.

(How exciting. Happy publication day.)

Paris Ever After is actually the follow-on book to my first novel, The Paris Effect, but you don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy the second—it’s “standalone”.

the paris effect

(Actually, I’d like to read them both. Paris has a very special place in my heart. My husband and I had our honeymoon there after a whirlwind romance and marrying within 10 months of meeting. We were poor students and did everything on a shoestring so we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary by returning and doing it all in style. I think both The Paris Effect and Paris Ever After could transport me back again after another 10 years of marriage!)

What can we expect from an evening in with Paris Ever After?

On page one, we find Amy living in Paris. She’s estranged from her husband, living in France illegally, and also—yikes—pregnant. But, amazingly, she’s making it all work. She’s found wonderful friends. She’s found a home. She’s celebrating her thirtieth birthday in the most fabulous fashion possible (in Paris!). But then two unexpected visitors show up. Boom. Before she knows it, Amy is faced with the disappointing prospect of saying au revoir to the new life she’s worked so hard to build. She wants to do the “right thing” (for herself and for her unborn child, Catherine). She just doesn’t know what that “right thing” is.

(This sounds great.)

Kirkus Reviews says Paris Ever After is “an entertaining read for Francophiles, foodies, and romantics.”

Midwest Book Review calls it “touching and engaging.”

Janice MacLeod, NYT-bestselling author of Paris Letters, says that, “Once you begin, it’s difficult to stop.”

(What wonderful endorsements. You must be so proud of Paris Ever After, Karen.)

What else have you brought along and why?

In The Paris Effect, Amy is introduced to French macarons, those adorable, pastel-colored little cakes that have become so popular. Here’s a whole plate of them:


(Gorgeous. You’re my kind of guest. You can come back any time!)

In Paris Ever After, Amy gets seriously into madeleines. This is a not-too-sweet French cake that is great with a cup of tea. Madeleines are quite easy to make and my publishers have even included a recipe for them in the back of the book.


(Am I allowed both? We are celebrating today’s publication of Paris Ever After so I think that’s a good reason to eat French inspired food don’t you?)

Either one of these French treats (or both!) would be perfect to nibble on while reading my Paris books. Or listening to – I should also say that the first book The Paris Effect is now available here in audio format.


(What a wonderful image to go with it too.)

Finally, I know this book will put many readers in the mood to go to Paris and I can’t resist saying, Just go! There is so much beauty there. So much culture. Some of it is well known (the Eiffel Tower). Some of it is more obscure. Here’s a couple photos of me during our last trip. That little street lined with macaron-colored houses is the rue Cremieux. It’s quite unknown and hidden—not even my French friends knew about it. The market photo is from the wonderful Marché d’Aligre.

karen in paris

(That looks so tempting and for those of us who can’t travel to Paris in real life at the moment at least we can get there through your books.)

Thanks so much for staying in with me, Karen, to tell me all about Paris Ever After. I’ve loved revisiting one of my favourite cities and look forward to reading both your books.

Paris Ever After

Paris ever after

When Amy loses her best friend, Kat, to cancer, she knows their dream of a secret trip to Paris will never come true. Yet Kat’s words haunt her, urging her to embark on the Paris trip alone and shed the dissatisfaction of her life in Phoenix.

Little by little, Amy, grappling with a failing marriage and struggling with painful childhood memories, lets herself be swayed. Guided by Kat’s bold voice, Amy sneaks off to Paris while her husband is away on a business trip. Once there, however, she finds that her problems have come right along with her.

Through her adventures, laced with luscious descriptions of food and Paris, Amy learns that often in life, love, and friendship, nothing is exactly as it seems. Will Amy choose the life she’s discovered in Paris or decide to revive the one she left behind?

Paris Ever After is published today, 1st May 2018 and is available for purchase through the publisher links here.

About K.S.R. Burns


K. S. R. Burns is the author of Amazon best-seller The Paris Effect (optioned for film and TV by Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment), its standalone sequel Paris Ever After, and The Amazing Adventures Of Working Girl: Real-life Career Advice You Can Actually Use.

K.S.R. Burns has lived and worked in four countries and 22 cities, including Paris. No longer a wanderer, she now resides in the Pacific Northwest, where in addition to novels she writes a weekly career advice column for The Seattle Times.

To find out more you can follow K.S.R. Burns on Twitter @WorkingGirl, and visit her website. You will also find her on Facebook.

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