We All Live On This Planet Together by June Rousso

we all live

I have to begin this blog post with an apology. With up to 200+ book related emails a day inevitably some get lost along the way and so it was with We All Live On This Planet Together by June Rousso. June sent me her children’s book weeks and weeks ago and I simply forgot all about it. Sorry June!

We All Live On This Planet Together was published by Indigo River and is available for purchase here.

We All Live On This Planet Together

we all live

We All Live In This World Together teaches children to focus their attention on inner strengths and the beauty in our world to manage fear while accepting their negative feelings.

It shows how letting our fears build can be overwhelming, distort self-image and how we view the world.

My Review of We All Live In This World Together

A book about the positive things in life and accepting who we are.

Actually, although We All Live In This World Together is designed as a children’s book, I think it can be appreciated by readers of all ages. The messages about being positive, not giving in to our fears, valuing ourselves and spending time with our friends are those that would benefit us all.

I really liked the ethereal watercolour quality of the illustrations as they reflect the imagination and a naive style that children may well be able to emulate should they consider painting their own fears in a similar way to help them face them.

The negative emotions of fear, anger and rage are presented at the beginning of the book and then the ways in which they can be dealt with are presented. This makes excellent reading for children, but also for adults dealing with children. There are some smashing  mood enhancing suggestions, from dancing to looking at nature, so that coping techniques are concrete and easily applied.

I do think some of the references have greater significance to a northern American audience than a British one with fireflies and the ocean instead of the sea, but again, this has benefits. As well as helping children with their emotions, We All Live In This World Together could be used as an educational tool to look at language and cultural differences and experiences in a very positive way. There’s huge potential beyond the initial enjoyment of this charming book.

We All Live In This World Together has the potential to replace negative emotions with positive ones in its readers – whatever their age.

About June Rousso Ph.D


June Rousso, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice living and working in New York City. She enjoys writing for children to teach them how to address their fears through positivity by looking to their inner strengths and the beauty in the world around them. She also enjoys writing about character strengths and coping strategies for children as a way to build self-confidence in negotiating the world around them.

It was in her positive psychology studies that she conceived of, We All Live on This Planet Together, and she is presently working on a children’s book to guide children in their search for the meaning of happiness. Dr. Rousso feels inspired when writing and uses her own thoughts to guide her life and hopefully, reach many of the lives of children. While an adult, she describes herself as a child at heart, which stirs her own creativity and allows for enjoying many of the simple things in life.

You’ll find June on Goodreads and follow her on Twitter @rousso_june.

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