The Start of Something Wonderful by Jane Lambert

Something wonderful

A couple of years ago, lovely Jane Lambert was kind enough to give me a copy of her novel for review and whilst I was delighted to receive it, I’m afraid with over 900 other arriving unsolicited, it rather got lost in my TBR pile. Now, however, in its new guise as The Start of Something Wonderful I have finally read Jane’s book and am delighted to review it here today as it was so worth the wait.

I also have an interview with Jane that you can read here, as well as a lovely guest post here about Jane’s route to publication.

Published by HQ Digital on 5th January 2018, The Start of Something Wonderful is available for purchase here.

The Start of Something Wonderful

Something wonderful

Previously published as Learning to Fly

It’s never too late to follow your dreams…

Forty-year-old air stewardess, Emily Forsyth, thought she had everything a woman could wish for: a glamorous, jet-set lifestyle, a designer wardrobe and a dishy pilot boyfriend. Until he breaks up with her…

Catapulted into a mid-life crisis she wishes she’d had earlier, she decides to turn her life upside-down, quitting her job and instead beginning to chase her long-held dreams of becoming an actress!

Leaving the skies behind her, Emily heads for the bright lights of London’s West End – but is it too late to reach for the stars?

My review of The Start of Something Wonderful

Nursing a broken heart and a desire to become an actress Emily throws in her airhostess career for a life of drama – in more ways than one.

The Start of Something Wonderful has been on my TBR for such a long time that I was almost afraid to read it. What if I didn’t like it? I needn’t have worried as I really, really enjoyed this book.

The Start of Something Wonderful is a delightfully effortless read because Jane Lambert’s style is so fluid and natural that it makes reading a pleasure. I loved the realism conveyed through the sprinkling of foreign words and phrases as well as the references to the arts and literature and the quotations from Shakespeare that weave seamlessly into the narrative yet serve to add depth and flavour. And speaking of flavour, Jane Lambert manages to appeal to all the senses so that The Start of Something Wonderful is vivid and stimulating.

I loved meeting Emily. She is the perfect embodiment of a real woman of a certain age. Her anxieties, her doubts, her challenges and triumphs are told with emotion and brilliant humour and they are exactly the elements that all women can relate to. I frequently laughed aloud, smiled and nodded as I read because I understood completely how she was feeling as Jane Lambert places the reader very firmly inside Emily’s head.  I confess I shed a little tear too at the end.

I adored the storyline. I learnt  a great deal about the life of a jobbing actress. I’m sure much of the novel is autobiographical, as, alongside the humour and despair there’s a realism and considerable depth that I thoroughly appreciated. Whilst The Start of Something Wonderful is a rom-com or chick-lit if that’s how you want to define it, it is also a book about being true to yourself, about not relying simply on a man and about making the most of every moment we have.

The Start of Something Wonderful is a glorious, escapist read with romance, drama (in more ways than one), humour and a cracking story that I loved.

About Jane Lambert

Jane - outside shot

Jane studied French and German, taught English in Vienna then travelled the world as air crew before making the life-changing decision to become an actress.

She has appeared in “Calendar Girls”, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” and “Deathtrap” in London’s West End .

You can find Jane Lambert on Facebook and Twitter @JaneLambert22.

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7 thoughts on “The Start of Something Wonderful by Jane Lambert

  1. Jane Lambert says:

    My friend became an actress following her retirement from teaching and had much success, including the Doctor Who audio dramas – so you see, it’s never too late!

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