Discussing The Teacher’s Secret with Suzanne Leal

The Teacher's Secret

It gives me great pleasure to belong to Legend 100 team of bloggers for Legend Press. Today I’m delighted to be part of their celebrations of The Teacher’s Secret by Suzanne Leal. Suzanne has kindly agrees to stay in with me and tell me about The Teacher’s Secret.

The Teacher’s Secret is available for purchase here.

The Teacher’s Secret

The Teacher's Secret

A small town can be a refuge, but while its secrets are held, it’s hard to know who to trust and what to believe.

The Teacher’s Secret is a tender and compelling story of scandal, rumour and dislocation, and the search for grace and dignity in the midst of dishonour and humiliation.

Only one person knows the truth…

Staying in with Suzanne Leal

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Suzanne. Which of your books have you brought along to share with me and why have you chosen it?

I’ve brought along my novel, The Teacher’s Secretwhich explores the web of relationships in and around a small school, its dramas, crises and victories.  Readers will, I hope, find themselves immersed in the world of the small coastal community of Brindle and the people who live there.

Having been a teacher in a previous life, The Teacher’s Secret sounds just my kind of read. Tell me, what can we expect from an evening in with The Teacher’s Secret?

A tale of scandal, rumour and dislocation, The Teacher’s Secret is a gripping read about schoolyard machinations in a small town by the sea.

Terry Pritchard is a much-loved teacher at Brindle Public School – but when the new principal starts to question his motives, it becomes clear that Terry is also a man with something to hide.

The Teacher’s Secret is Terry’s story.  It is also the story of Nina, newly single and struggling to teach a hostile class; of Rebecca, who won’t return home but can’t say why; and of Sid, the school caretaker, who, in his gentle way, takes care after everyone.

Above all, it is a story of community and how, in the midst of dishonour and humiliation, grace and dignity might still be found.

(I love the sound of those characters.) 

What else have you brought along and why? 

I have brought my copy of A Boy in Winter by the UK writer, Rachel Seiffert, who is also my friend.  The story Rachel tells in A Boy in Winter is one of bravery in a time of fear and her writing, as always, is precise, spare and beautiful.  Rachel introduced me to her literary agent, Toby Eady, who represented me for my first novel, Border Streetand who died at the end of last year.  I will always be grateful to Toby for finding me a place in the world of writing and publishing and to his wife, Xinran, for her kindness and generosity.

 What a wonderful tribute to Toby. Thanks so much Suzanne.

About Suzanne Leal


Suzanne Leal is a lawyer experienced in child protection, criminal law and refugee law. A former legal commentator on ABC Radio, Suzanne is a regular interviewer at Sydney Writers’ Festival and other literary functions. She is the senior judge for the 2017 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. The Teacher’s Secret is her first novel published in the UK. Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband, David, and her four children, Alex, Dominic, Xavier and Miranda.

You can visit Suzanne’s website, follow her on Twitter @suzanne_leal or find her on Facebook.

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