Staying in with Kio Briggs

Living Free The High Philosophy Front Cover

When I was a consultant working all over the place I never found any difficulty making a decision. Nowadays I’m a real ditherer! Consequently, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Kio Briggs to stay in with me today to discuss a decision or two that led to his book!

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Staying in with Kio Briggs

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Kio. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Hi Linda, thanks for inviting me!

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

Living Free The High Philosophy Paperback

I have brought my book Living Free: The High Philosophy to share this evening. It is also my debut book, my first attempt at writing that book I always knew I had in me. Basically, the book that’s taken me my whole life to write 🙂

(Oh – congratulations on your debut!)

What can we expect from an evening with Living Free: The High Philosophy?

You can expect an exhilarating true story of my journey in search of complete happiness!

(Sounds interesting – tell me more!)

It begins with a decision I made to leave my job in London and travel the world in search of a true happiness I believed I once had as a child, but had now lost as an adult. After eight months working at, what I thought at the time was my “dream job”; I realised how truly unhappy I was – living right on the cusp of depression. So I decided to take a huge leap not knowing what was on the other side, but feeling as though there was more happiness to life than what I was currently living.

The book takes you on my journey around the world and how the experiences in each place had a specific impact on me, from finding self acceptance in Port Harcourt, friendship and freedom in South Africa, spirituality in Chicago, dreaming and passion in Los Angeles and love in London.

It then continues on my journey, now on a quest to live free; by incorporating all these puzzle pieces I had learnt about myself along the way into my everyday life. While on my travels I had an idea of a philosophical concept and an approach on how I wanted to live my life, to see what the outcome could potentially be. The idea was to always and only choose to do the things that make me happy, and never accepting anything less than happiness into my life. As you would imagine this took me on a massive rollercoaster ride of some phenomenal downs, but also on the of the most amazing highs of my life!

(I imagine it did!)

As the story goes on I discuss each experience, and every moment I was faced with having to fight the logic of compromising on my happiness and accepting less than I truly believed would make me happy, in everything. Sticking to my philosophy of only choosing my happiness and accepting nothing less. At the end of each chapter I share those experiences and the lessons I learnt from them, and how we can all apply those lessons to our everyday lives and live completely happier lives. “Completely” being the key word.

In concluding the book I finally get to what Living Free is; my now developed Philosophy of life – the philosophy of being happy all the time, every time, always!

It’s a rollercoaster ride of a book, taking you through exactly what I experienced and how I experienced it. Definitely a book for all “dreamers”, for those who believe and seek a life of complete happiness and freedom.

(This sounds absolutely wonderful. I think we all need to get some perspective in our lives and focus on the positives.)

What else have you brought along and why?

Kio Briggs and Mother 1

I’ve brought some photos of my mother and I along with me!

I was raised by a single mother who I know did everything she could to provide my siblings and I with all we ever needed to grow in life. I dedicate this book to her first and foremost, because I have no other points of reference for success and hard work outside of my mother.

(I bet she is incredibly proud of you Kio.)

Kio Briggs and Mother 2

She has always lived life her way, and that was what influenced me to jump into the unknown and risk it all to do the same. From her I learnt strength and courage to go boldly in the direction of my dreams, and to work hard to make those dreams come true for myself; this book is in many ways my journey of living out all her advice by example.

Kio Briggs and Mother 3

Your mother looks like a truly inspirational person Kio. Thanks so much staying in with me and for sharing your stories about her and about your book Living Free: The High Philosophy.

Living Free: The High Philosophy

Living Free The High Philosophy Front Cover

A brilliant, true-story of bravery and taking steps into the unknown in search of genuine lifelong happiness. A story for dreamers – an adventure through many ups and downs; like a hero on a mission, persevering and conquering each unique battle through this whirlwind adventure; leading to the discovery of a philosophy of life.

Living Free: The High Philosophy is available for purchase here.

About Kio Briggs


Born in Nigeria, Kio Briggs spent his early childhood and teenage years between Nigeria, the UK and the United States.

After completing secondary school in Nigeria, Briggs spent his following years in England where he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s education in Advertising and Marketing, after which he began working in the Financial industry; it was during this time he decided to leave his job and go in search of the happiness he believed he didn’t have anymore, but once had when he was a child in Nigeria.

On this adventure, he began asking himself questions about happiness, and how to live the ultimate happy life, which led to him discovering his Philosophy on life – Living Free: The High Philosophy.

You’ll find Kio on Instagram.

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