Comfort Food by Julia Bettelheim

Comfort Food Cover

I’m delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for Comfort Food by Julia Bettelheim as I’m rather fond of my food!

Comfort Food is published by Clink Street and available for purchase here.

Comfort Food

Comfort Food Cover

There’s nothing quite like Comfort Food to put a smile on your face and a feeling of contentment in your stomach.

Chef Julia Bettelheim is passionate about feeding people; from the students in her university kitchen to guests and family at home.

From recipes that are as simple as a sandwich to as technical as a fruit cake, she knows the importance of creating delicious meals that are full of flavour and which always have budget in mind. Her recipes include easy to make classics and mouth-watering family favourites, using easy to find products that are fresh and economical.

Fun, fast, indulgent and nurturing, there’s a time and a place for Comfort Food in every kitchen.

My Review of Comfort Food

Comfort Food is an indulgent book of easy to make culinary treats.

I really liked this book. Anyone can make any of the recipes as they are easy to follow and require little skill. I suppose ardent and seasoned (forgive the pun) chefs would find them too easy, but I think comfort food should be accessible, quick and tasty and these recipes certainly are. I’m not sure all of the recipes in Comfort Food like Deep Fried Mars Bars are the healthiest, but this is a book of treats, not a regime for life.

I thought the illustrations, especially the drawings, added real interest and I thoroughly enjoyed the little historical, geographical or personal anecdotes from the author at the start of the recipes as they gave a feel for the importance of such comfort food in ordinary lives.

Although this isn’t a book aimed at youngsters, I think it would be a brilliant way to get children cooking and it certainly would help inept cooks achieve some tasty dishes such as Irish Stew or Mushroom Stroganoff whilst building their confidence.

I heartily recommend Comfort Food as a brilliant starter cook book and am off to bake some chocolate chip cookies!

About Julia Bettelheim

Julia Chen 20171003-022-Edit

Growing up in Wellington, New Zealand, British born Julia Bettelheim enjoyed an early start in the catering industry and as a teenager took lessons from a private chef. Her family then moved to Melbourne, Australia where she lived for the next twenty-two years and worked as a tupperware sales representative travelling the city providing cookery demonstrations and sharing recipes that were suitable for storing. After her divorce in 2008, Julia moved back to England where she now lives in Chatham, Kent and works as a chef in the kitchen of the cafe at UCL in London.

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