A Day in the Life of Liz Taylorson, Author of The Little Church by the Sea


I’m delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for The Little Church by the Sea by Liz Taylorson today, especially as I’m naturally nosy and Liz has agreed to let me into her life for the day!

The Little Church by the Sea was published by Manatee books on 23rd November and is available for purchase here.

The Little Church by the Sea


Isolated and unwelcome in the picturesque seaside village of Rawscar, Reverend Cass Fordyce has lost her faith and her home. Christmas is coming, and she isn’t looking forward to it. Then she meets attractive local man Hal – twice divorced and with a reputation as a ladies’ man, he’s everything that a celibate vicar like Cass should avoid…especially as Hal is hiding secrets of his own, including his past with the mysterious Anna.

Can Cass ever find her way in Rawscar? What secret does Hal have to hide? And is there ever such a thing as a truly fresh start?


A Day in the Life of Liz Taylorson

Author of The Little Church by the Sea

In my imagination, I always rise with the dawn, cheerily wave the children off to school and settle at my immaculate desk in the study just after eight o’clock for a morning’s hard work.

Liz desk

This is what my study always looks like. ALWAYS, I tell you!

In reality I stumble out of bed, having been woken by the cat pulling my hair because he thinks it’s time to be fed, find the kitchen still full of last night’s washing up, shout at the children who are late for school, wave them off with a huge sigh of relief, then run up the road after them ten minutes later with a forgotten PE kit or planner. I slump down at my desk just after nine, exhausted, having cleared all the debris off it first …

Liz Desk 2

This is what it REALLY looks like.

In my imagination, I write a brilliant, sparkling chapter of my next novel before it’s half past ten and then it’s time for a coffee and a round of Popmaster with Ken Bruce on Radio 2. In reality I realise that what I wrote yesterday is actually rubbish, delete it all and rewrite it before a round of Popmaster – in which I score 3 points out of 39 if I’m lucky and the first question is a really easy one today.

A bit more writing and a brisk run before lunch …. Or actually a bit more writing and a slow, plodding short run before lunch … sets me up for the afternoon, when I spend my time doing seasonal jobs in my beautifully tended garden followed by a bit of time doing some useful networking on social media. Really? I’m cleaning up chicken poo and looking at pictures of cats. My cats then come in and they attempt to sabotage my work by either sitting on the computer or destroying my paperwork.


Here is Joey, wrecking my novel plan. I still haven’t found Chapter 16.

The children return from school and we sit down and discuss their day. Oh, how we laugh at all the numerous little comic incidents that make up their school-life, and I squirrel them all away to use in future novels …OK, that’s not true either. The children return from school and stomp off to their bedrooms to spend the rest of the afternoon on YouTube, because they’re teenagers and that is what teenagers do. This does mean a bit more writing time for me before tea if I’m lucky, and if I’m not lucky, there’ll be the notes from a boring committee meeting for my drama society to type up before tomorrow morning.

When my husband gets in from work, we cook a light supper and settle down beside the fire together, books in hands … or fall asleep in front of something on Netflix and then it’s an early night, ready for a new start tomorrow!

About Liz Taylorson


Liz has always surrounded herself with books, has a degree in English Literature and worked as a cataloguer of early printed books for a major university library.

Having joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s wonderful New Writers’ Scheme to try to learn how to write novels properly in 2015, she started writing fiction and hasn’t stopped since.

Liz says she owes everything to her tolerant and long-suffering husband Ben and her tolerant and long-suffering children, but very little to the cats who are neither tolerant nor long-suffering and keep sitting on the computer keyboard and messing up her manuscript if she forgets to feed them on time.

When not reading or writing Liz is often to be found on stage (or behind it) with her local amateur dramatic society, drinking tea, or visiting one of the several North Yorkshire seaside villages which were the inspiration for the fictional Rawscar, the setting for her debut novel The Little Church by the Sea.

You can find Liz on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and visit her blog.

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Little church tour poster

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Liz Taylorson, Author of The Little Church by the Sea

  1. This is such a lovely post! Thank you, Liz, for your humor and candor! I can say, with a laugh, that, as a writer and mother of teens, I relate to many of your day’s happenings 🙂
    Bless you 🙂
    Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas!

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