Fangs and Feasts in Transratania by Geronimo Stilton

Fangs and feasts

My enormous thanks to Jess at Sweet Cherry Publishing for a copy Fangs and Feasts in Transratania in return for an honest review (and for the spiders and sweets that accompanied it)!

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Published by Sweet Cherry in October 2017, Fangs and Feasts in Transratania is available for purchase here.

Fangs and Feasts in Transratania

Fangs and feasts

After a mysterious phone call from his cousin Trap, Geronimo sets off for Ratoff in spooky Transratania.

The garlic-fuelled town holds many mysteries, not least the residents of Ratoff Castle. Maybe it’s the way they sleep during the day, maybe it’s the blood-red drink they have with every meal, but there’s something not quite right about them …

Who are these mice?

And will Geronimo manage to survive the night?

For children aged 5-7 and also available as part of a 10 book box set.

My Review of Fangs and Feasts in Transratania

When a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night from cousin Trap sends Geronimo off to Transratania, his adventures are just beginning.

What a cracking book for children Fangs and Feasts in Transratania is. I’m going to get a small negative out of the way first before my review proper. I found the different fonts, designed to engage reluctant readers and break up what can be challenging amounts of text, quite tricky to read smoothly. However, I’m a 50 something woman and not a six or seven year old child.

Aside from that tiny quibble, I thought Fangs and Feasts in Transratania was an excellent story for children. There’s a really well maintained theme of blood and vampire allusions with smashing jokes through word play so that language becomes fun and entertaining. However, there’s nothing that could spark nightmares and unsettle children, just really good storytelling.

The plot is fast paced and engaging so that children would want to read just a little bit more. I think boys especially would enjoy Fangs and Feasts in Transratania and given that they can be hard to interest in reading, this is wonderful.

There’s a great sense of Geronimo as a character too through his first person account so that readers will want to find out what happens to him on other adventures. With another nine books in this particular publisher series available it would be enormous (or enor-mouse) fun to collect them all.

I thought the super illustrations added extra value too as they could be discussed with children, but also they help break up the text, making it more accessible to young independent readers.

Fangs and Feasts in Transratania is a super children’s book. I can understand why Geronimo Stilton is so popular as I thought his adventure was excellent and this particular book would make a perfect Hallowe’en gift.

About Geronimo Stilton


Born in New Mouse City, Mouse Island, Geronimo Stilton is Rattus Emeritus of Mousomorphic Literature and of Neo-Ratonic Comparative Philosophy. For the past twenty years, he has been running The Rodent’s Gazette, New Mouse City’s most widely read daily newspaper. Stilton was awarded the Ratitzer Prize for his scoops on The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid and The Search for Sunken Treasure. He has also received the Andersen 2000 Prize for Personality of the Year. One of his bestsellers won the 2002 eBook Award for world’s best ratlings’ electronic book. His works have been published all over the globe. In his spare time, Mr. Stilton collects antique cheese rinds and plays golf. But what he most enjoys is telling stories to his nephew Benjamin.

You can find out more about Geronimo, watch videos, play games and find lots of fun on his website.

3 thoughts on “Fangs and Feasts in Transratania by Geronimo Stilton

  1. Fangs and Trans-ratania, what could be more appropriate for this time of the year! As a native to the part of the world bordering Transylvania I found the word play in the title of this book to be quite a kick.
    Thank you for the review, children’s books are always welcome! #wink*

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