A Writer’s Inspiration: A Guest Post by Carol Browne, Author of The Exile of Elindel

Exile of Elindel 2017

Regular readers of Linda’s Book Bag know what a fabulous time I had at the Deepings Literary Festival where I live earlier this year and which you can read about here. One of the authors I met was Carol Browne, author of The Exile of Elindel, who had previously featured on the blog here and I was delighted to find Carol lives only three miles from me!

Published today, 8th October 2017, the first book of The Elwardian Chronicles The Exile of Elindel is available for purchase here.

The Exile of Elindel

Exile of Elindel 2017

Elgiva, a young elf banished from Elvendom, must seek shelter among the Saxons as her only hope of surviving the coming winter.

Godwin, a Briton enslaved by the Saxons, is a man ignorant of his own inheritance and the secret of power he possesses.

A mysterious enemy, who will stop at nothing to wield absolute power over Elvendom, is about to make his move.

When destiny throws Elgiva and Godwin together, they embark upon the quest for the legendary Lorestone, the only thing that can save Elvendom from the evil that threatens to destroy it.

There is help to be found along the way from a petulant pony and a timid elf boy but, as the strength of their adversary grows, can Elgiva’s friends help her to find the Lorestone before it falls into the wrong hands?

A Writer’s Inspiration

A Guest Post by Carol Browne

Where do writers get their ideas? Many admit to being inspired by music and that was certainly the case when I had the idea for my novel The Exile of Elindel. I hadn’t even been planning to write a novel at all.

It was back in 1976 when I was sitting in a pub in Runcorn, Cheshire, listening to the juke box, and Mike Oldfield’s In Dulce Jubilo came on. The rhythm of the music suggested the movement of horses to me and in my mind’s eye a picture unfolded. I saw a herd of white horses galloping across a plain with the swarthy mass of a great forest behind them. Watching them advance from a shallow ridge of land were two characters. One I knew was a young female elf while her companion seemed to be a knight in shining armour. (I felt his appearance was symbolic of his relationship to the elf not how he really was.)

The scene was so real to me that as soon as I saw these characters they existed as if they were flesh and blood. But who were they? Where had they come from? Where were they going? I felt they were nearer the end of their story rather than the beginning and that they were on some kind of quest. I had to find out if they would be successful.

The image stayed with me from then on, refusing to be ignored. There was a tale here that needed to be told and I knew I’d never rest until I discovered what had brought these two very different characters to the point I saw in my daydream and why they were together. Moreover, what of the magnificent herd of horses!

The nature and appearance of these characters suggested that they belonged to the realm of fantasy fiction. I had read Lord of the Rings the previous year and was about to complete an English degree—which included Old English and left me with a fascination for Anglo-Saxon Britain—so my head was filled with elves, magic, quests, swordplay, spooky forests and the mysterious and enchanted Dark Ages. Thus, the setting and spirit of the story evolved from this treasury of ideas and influences.

I had found a world for these characters of mine to inhabit but I didn’t put pen to paper until 1977. Fortunately, I had no idea it would take me until 2013 to have my work accepted by a publisher (after I had abandoned an unsuccessful stint as a self-published author) nor that said publisher would go out of business just over a year later. At the end of 2015, I found a new home for The Exile of Elindel and I’m delighted that it is re-released with a gorgeous new cover today, 8th October 2017. All thanks to my wonderful publisher Burning Willow Press.

During the intervening years between the daydreamed image and eventual publication, I found I had committed myself to a trilogy. What started as a stand-alone book is now Book I of The Elwardian Chronicles. And all because I heard a piece of music on a juke box.

About Carol Browne


Born in Stafford in the UK, Carol was raised in Crewe, Cheshire, which she thinks of as her home town. Interested in reading and writing at an early age, Carol pursued her passions at Nottingham University and was awarded an honours degree in English Language and Literature. Now living and working in the Cambridgeshire countryside, Carol usually writes fiction and is a contracted author at Burning Willow Press.

You can find Carol on Facebook, can follow Carol on Twitter and visit her website.

13 thoughts on “A Writer’s Inspiration: A Guest Post by Carol Browne, Author of The Exile of Elindel

  1. Congratulations, Carol, on being signed by a publisher. I’m sorry to hear that self-publishing didn’t work for you (it’s a hard slog!). The Eldwardian Chronicles sound intriguing (I am a great fan of Lord of the Rings). You certainly have the qualifications to write Old England fantasy with mysterious woodlands and fairy folk, and I look forward to reading the trilogy.

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