Why I Choose to Write for the Self-Help Genre: A Guest Post by Shelley Wilson, Author of How I Motivated Myself to Succeed


You know when you meet an author and they are even better in real life than you imagined? More beautiful inside and out? Well Shelley Wilson is EXACTLY like that, so I’m utterly delighted to be supporting the release of her latest book How I Motivated Myself to Succeed. If you don’t know Shelley and would like to meet her vicariously, you can read my interview with her here. 

Whilst I still have some of Shelley’s fiction on my TBR, I have reviewed another of her books, Motivate Me! Weekly Guidance for Happiness and Wellbeing here.

Shelley’s latest book, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed was published on 22nd September by Hillfield Publishing and is available for purchase in eBook and paperback on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

 How I Motivated Myself to Succeed


If you’ve ever felt like life is passing you by at a startling rate, or you just exist day to day rather than living life to the full, this book will share honest, straightforward, and realistic techniques to help motivate you to make powerful changes.

From setting goals and organising your life, to freeing yourself from fear, Shelley shares the unique story of how she planned, prepared, and executed the year of challenges and life-changing events brought about by her motivational, award-winning blog.

How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is full of practical tips, exercises, and real-life stories of success, including advice on how to trust yourself and celebrate achievements, as well as manage your time and balance your life effectively.

Shelley’s first book, How I Changed My Life in a Year, became a bestseller in self-help and memoir as it struck a nerve with the thousands of women looking to make a difference and be the best they could be.

Dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel, this book can be enjoyed before or after reading How I Changed My Life in a Year.

Why I Choose to Write for the Self-Help Genre

A Guest Post by Shelley Wilson

There has been a substantial rise in sales of self-help titles year on year with additional help from the adult colouring book boom of 2015. In the United States, the self-help industry is worth an estimated $11 billion, and the personal development market is expected to continue growing by approximately 5% each year.

I didn’t know any of this when I trained as an alternative therapist and started my holistic health spa for women. I had no idea that self-help books were so popular even though I had read hundreds over the years. I also didn’t appreciate the supportive community involved in self-help until I published my first book.

For me, it was personal. I survived an emotionally and physically abusive marriage by finding the strength to walk away, taking my three young children with me. Life was bleak for a long time but I never gave up hope. Self-help books became my therapist, the authors my mentors, and eventually, I was able to utilise the things I’d learned and turn my life around.

Training in Reiki healing, reflexology, emotional freedom technique, and meditation began as a journey of self-recovery. Only when I began to heal myself could I help others.


Writing my first self-help book happened by accident. It was based on a series of challenges I set myself in a bid to show my clients that they could be the best they could be. How I Changed My Life in a Year was part self-help and part memoir. It was a very personal story, but this resonated with so many of my readers and the messages I received were beyond anything I could imagine.

“I wanted you to know that I have just finished your book and found it inspiring. I have recently been wanting to change my path and my whole outlook on life. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse it has taken me a very long time to find my own self-worth (I’m 40 now), but through my children, my husband, and counselling I am stronger and better than that. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that your book has inspired me to reach higher and take my next step…so thank you for that.” Name supplied.

“Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your book ‘How I Changed My Life in a Year.’ I’ve read it in two days flat and have enjoyed every second of it – so much of the book I could personally identify with and although I’ve been through the mill and the upshot now is that I’m in a wheelchair, but I’m doing a degree in English Lit and Creative Writing, and your book has helped me rationalise a lot of my fears. Thank you again.” Name supplied.

I have always believed in walking the walk, and talking the talk. I could never recommend a therapy to my clients if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. How could I convince a lady with anxiety and depression that meditation would be hugely beneficial for her mental health if I didn’t meditate myself? Would a client suffering from M.E ever believe that lying on a couch covered in needles could help balance flagging energy levels unless I could tell them about my own regular acupuncture sessions?

I may have initially stumbled into writing self-help, but now it feels like home to me. Writing books that help inspire and motivate readers by sharing my personal journey is my way of paying it forward. I learned so much from other personal development authors, teachers, and mentors, and keeping this knowledge to myself is just not possible.

I choose to write self-help so that I can continue to support as many people as possible. If I also continue receiving wonderful messages from my readers and knowing that I’m helping women (and men) across the world then I know I picked the right genre.

I’d like to finish with a huge thank you to my lovely friend and host, Linda. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the other host spots for more inspiration, motivation, and a sprinkle of fun.

Shelley – it’s my absolute privilege and pleasure to host you on Linda’s Book Bag.

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If you would like to read more about Shelley’s self-help work then take a look at her new release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed, out now in paperback and eBook, and packed full of information on self-care, freeing yourself from fear, organising your life, and much more.

About Shelley Wilson


Shelley is a multi-genre author of non-fiction self-help and young adult fantasy fiction. Her latest release, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is being dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel to her bestselling book, How I Changed My Life in a Year. She writes a personal development blog (www.motivatemenow.co.uk) as well as an author blog (www.shelleywilsonauthor.com) where she shares book reviews, author interviews, and random musings about writing. Shelley was thrilled to win the Most Inspirational Blogger Award at the Bloggers Bash in 2016, and to scoop second place in the same category in 2017. She is a single mum to three teenagers and a black cat, loves pizza, vampires, and The Walking Dead, and has a slight obsession with list writing.

You can find out more about Shelley on her author blog or via her personal development blog. You can also follow Shelley on Twitter @ShelleyWilson72 and find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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