10 Reasons We Should All Celebrate Life: A Guest Post by Curly Martin, Author of Cancer Free for 20 Years

Cancer Free

I don’t think I know anyone whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer either from their own first hand experience or that of a friend or family member.

Consequently, when I was asked by Teresa at The Book Publicist if I would be willing to review Cancer Free for 20 Years by Curly Martin, I jumped at the chance. I’m also thrilled that I have a wonderfully inspiring guest post from Curly on Linda’s Book Bag today.

Published by Achievement Specialists Ltd in 1st July 2017, Cancer Free for 20 Years is available for purchase in e-book and paperback here.

Cancer Free for 20 Years

Cancer Free

“Inspiring, uplifting and funny read.”

Full of tips,tools, techniques,and the secrets Curly Martin used to overcome cancer. How she now lives a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life.

Curly Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and she was given nine months to live. At that time she became homeless and was unemployed. This book is all about her fascinating and funny 20 year journey from cancer to coaching. Her story tells of her passage through the conventional medical approach consisting of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is rapidly followed by funny tales of her experimenting with alternative therapies, sampling some weird concoctions and cultivating unusual remedies.

10 Reasons We Should All Celebrate Life

A Guest Post by Curly Martin

Years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just 9 months to live. So I know what it means to appreciate and celebrate life, because I do it every day. But you don’t need to wait for a significant emotional or physical event to kickstart your daily appreciation of life.

Here are 10 good reasons to get started. Who knows, you might be lucky enough never to experience a life-changing emotional or physical event – but you can still reap the rewards of celebrating life! If you don’t have all the 10 reasons in your life you must celebrate the ones you do have with double the enthusiasm.

You are alive! This is the most important reason to celebrate every morning. Many successful people across the world start their day being grateful for the day ahead. Spend the first 5 minutes of your day fully appreciating your life.

Family. Having family members to support you, and to share your joy and happiness with, will give you confidence and inner strength. If you are lucky enough to have family, celebrate them and tell them you love them often.

Friends. If you have even one friend you are rich indeed. Celebrate your friendships, because sharing good things enhances your own pleasure. And when you share sad or difficult times with someone else it reduces the pain and impact. It really is true: ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

Seeing. If you have the gift of sight you have a massive reason to celebrate. With your eyes you can see all of life’s splendours in Technicolor; you can stimulate your mind by reading books, looking at works of art, or just enjoying a movie.

Hearing. With the ability to hear, you can enjoy wondrous experiences: the joy that music brings, the sound of wind in the trees, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, the sound of your loved ones telling you about their day. You can even celebrate the sound of silence.

Touching. To experience touch is a very powerful reason to celebrate life. You are able to feel the softness of an animal’s fur, the heat of passion, the coolness of water as you enjoy the rain on your face, the lightness of the sun’s rays on your skin.

Singing. Celebrate your voice by singing your favourite song, by telling someone how much you appreciate them, by saying thank you.

Smelling. Celebrate being able to smell the roses, a newly-baked cake, freshly-cut grass, coffee percolating or your favourite perfume.

Tasting. How wonderful to be able to taste a glass of good wine, the taste of a spicy meal, or the lips of your loved one.

Freedom. Having the freedom to choose what you want to do, and being free to do it, needs to be celebrated every day – as there are many people in the world who do not have this luxury.

Celebrate your life and celebrate the fact that you can celebrate it!

(What fantastic advice Curly!)

My Review of Cancer Free for 20 Years

From that gut wrenching moment when cancer is diagnosed, Curly is not going to give in to the 9 months to live diagnosis and over 20 years later she shares her experiences.

My own husband was diagnosed with malignant melanoma a few years ago, having seen his GP, a GP specialising in skin cancer at our local hospital, the consultant specialising in skin cancer and the surgeon who removed the enormous birth mark on his arm, all of whom told him it was fine, only to find he had a Level 1B melanoma. This means that I approached Curly Martin’s Cancer Free for 20 Years with curiosity and interest and I immediately found they were both fully rewarded.

From the moment I read the first sentence I knew I was going to love Curly Martin’s style. It’s light, bright, conversational and thoroughly down to earth.

Structured into short well written chapters with succinct summing up that helps reinforce the messages, Cancer Free for 20 Years is hugely accessible.

The tips included are utterly brilliant and frequently quite obvious if only we stopped for a moment in our busy lives to think more slowly and rationally. I shall definitely be employing the ‘negative thought shredder’. There are quite a number of techniques and processes which might be termed alternative and even slightly wacky, but what I enjoyed about their inclusion is that at no time does Curly insist they are perfect panaceas. She is always at pains to point out that things are suggestions that have had a cumulative impact in her own model of her life and may not translate perfectly for others. She does not make outrageous claims that if you do exactly as she says you will be miraculously cured of cancer, but simply shares her thoughts and what has worked for her. This has the effect of making her book more authentic to me.

I read with a smile on my face as Curly’s sense of humour and witty asides made me feel as if I were chatting with a friend rather than reading a book.

Whilst this may be a book about dealing with cancer in your life, it is so much more. Curly’s no nonsense advice is equally applicable to any aspect of your life. I feel uplifted, renewed and inspired having read Cancer Free for 20 Years.

About Curly Martin

Curly Martin

Since her terminal cancer diagnosis, Curly Martin has become an international bestselling author of The Coaching Handbook Series of books. She is a highly sought-after international speaker, a pioneer of life coach training and the founder of a very successful training company, Achievement Specialists Limited.

She intuitively combines her personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting edge innovations, to create exciting, very entertaining and effective approaches to living a healthy, happy and successful life.

You can follow Curly on Twitter @CurlyMartin and visit her Achievement Specialists website.

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Should All Celebrate Life: A Guest Post by Curly Martin, Author of Cancer Free for 20 Years

  1. I am always happy to read about positive outcomes for cancer and advice for overcoming this disease. Over the past 8 years I have had my youngest child suffer a large tumour which, fortunately, turned out to be benign; my mother being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and my husband also have a malignant melanoma. Any advice helps.

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