The Perils of a Kindle Virgin: A Guest Post by Peter Liney, Author of Beauty


One of the rationales for Linda’s Book Bag that has emerged since I began blogging is to support authors who don’t always have a huge marketing team behind them. Previously conventionally published, Peter Liney is self-publishing his latest novel Beauty and I was interested to know how his promotion of the book was going. He agreed to come on to my blog and tell me more. I think his guest post will resonate with a great number of other authors!

Beauty is available for purchase in e-book here.



When cosmetic and transplant surgery get together and beauty becomes a commodity that can be bought and sold, the Rich become more beautiful, the Poor less. But if something can be traded, it can also be stolen – brutally, violently, by the feared face-stealers, and to a point where the rich finally cry ‘Enough! . . . Enough. Make us plain; make us ordinary.’ Now there is no beauty left, not as we once knew it, only photos, videos, exhibitions. And yet . . . you still hear the occasional rumor.

The Perils of a Kindle Virgin

A Guest Post by Peter Liney

I had a little lull in my writing. The film company extended their option on The Detainee for another year, I needed something ‘happening’, and I thought, ‘Why not try self-publishing on Kindle?’ I mean, why not? It looked easy enough.

the detainee

First I chose a novel of mine that hadn’t caught the eye of any conventional publishers. Beauty is a futuristic, page-turning thriller, but with a lot to say about social attitudes, particularly when it comes to men and female beauty. I’d already edited it a hundred times, of course, but I still went through it once more just to check there were no mistakes (I missed one – have fun looking. I should’ve made it a competition). I bought an image for the front cover that I really liked, wrote up the titles and a blurb, and there it was – my new book. Wow! In a matter of hours! Kindle publishing is remarkably easy. Really, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it.

Ah, but you see, that the problem, everyone does do it – or so it seems. That’s where this venture become a whole lot more difficult. There are millions of books out there, a whole ocean, how do you attract people to yours?

You have to remember, I have a conventionally published trilogy on the bookshelves (The Detainee, the first book of which is to be made into a Hollywood movie) another script optioned, and a YA trilogy set to go. You might think that would give me some kind of advantage? Well, if it does, I haven’t spotted it yet. I’m just swimming around out here, waving at whoever I can, however I can, the same as everyone else.

I’ve tried Internet PR people in the past, though not with a great deal of success.  The thing about publishing on Kindle is that you can get absolutely accurate sales figures, so it’s not long before you discover what’s working and what’s not. I used Facebook ‘boosts’ – at a cost that was ridiculous for a 99p book – but found them no more successful than regular posting. A campaign on Twitter was much the same. I even considered getting one of those magnetic signs made up that go on the side of your car. But in the end, I came to the conclusion that probably the self-publishing writer’s best tool for getting their book into the public domain is the blogger (like Linda’s Book Bag). That it’s very often them who’ll get the ball rolling, and once they do, well, who knows?

So, if you happen to spot Beauty somewhere on the great Amazon ocean, do give it a try. Meanwhile, I’ll be out here, treading water, doing what I can to attract the attention of passers-by: waving but not drowning.

About Peter Liney


Peter Liney is the author of Beauty, the Detainee Trilogy (The Detainee, Into The Fire, and In Constant Fear, published by Jo Fletcher Books), and has two movies (The Detainee and Honeyboys) in production in 2018.

Peter was born in Wiltshire, UK, though he has spent a lot of his life travelling. He has been everything from an English teacher to spending two days as a trainee stuntman (he gave that up because it was too dangerous). He loves photography, music – both listening to and playing, and is a great movie lover. If he wasn’t a writer, Peter would have loved to have been an opera singer.

You can follow Peter on Twitter @lineypeter and visit his Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “The Perils of a Kindle Virgin: A Guest Post by Peter Liney, Author of Beauty

  1. Karl Holton says:

    An interesting post Peter that certainly does resonate.

    I’m relatively new to this writing business. I created my first indie book in July and Linda kindly agreed to interview me in August.

    In my case, where you have no reputation or brand and no publisher to assist creating it, you quickly realise that absolutely no one (literally) will buy your books until you start to build it. This is the reality that indie authors must accept, because the ocean we are all swimming in is simply to big to be spotted. Bloggers / reviewers are part of how you make this happen, especially with the dominance of Amazon, so they are critical in the modern book industry.

    As with many subjects like this, the reality/comparison is much more complex than we can cover here plus we all have different drivers.

    Good luck with the books and movies.

    Liked by 1 person

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