Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves by Serina Adham


I’ve been featuring quite a few children’s books on Linda’s Book Bag of late and was delighted to be asked to review Serina Adham’s Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves by E G Book Publicity.

Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves was published by Create Space on 1st July 2017 and is available for purchase on Amazon US.

Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves


Bing-boom, zing-zoom-ting-ding-click!

When Lulu the gorilla hears the opening notes to her favorite songs in her jungle home, she cannot help but get up and dance!

While making up some new dance moves, Lulu does not realize that her actions are causing a huge hullabaloo for her friends, Squin Squirrel, Lilly the owl, and Miss Skunk Fleur.

“Who is disturbing my slumbeRRR!?” roars the fierce lion Jhawfors when awakened from his deep sleep. What will happen when he confronts the young gorilla? Are Lulu’s dancing days over for good?

This charming new children’s poem follows one enthusiastic gorilla as she finds the balance between having fun and being mindful of others. Your little adventurers will not just learn an important lesson about thoughtfulness, they will pick up some amusing new dance moves to try out at home too!

My Review of Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves

Lulu loves to try out new dance moves but they aren’t always welcome!

One quick negative to get out of the way first. I found the font style used quite difficult to read and think it would be tricky for emergent readers too.

This is a lively and jolly book to share with under fives with smashing, bright illustrations. I really liked the fact that the gorilla Lulu is blue and the owl Lilly Loo is pink as I think it undermines stereotypes and allows children to accept that being different is acceptable.

There’s a lively rhyme scheme that is underpinned by an equally good rhythm so that reading the words aloud flows easily and I can imagine children creating some dances of their own to the music of the poem, or emulating Lulu’s moves. Both alliteration and assonance bring life to the words and I think there are good literacy lessons to help promote children’s vocabulary.

I also liked the message behind the poem that even when we are simply having fun and not intending to hurt anyone else, it’s a good idea to think about others and how they might feel and respond to our actions. The animals have to learn to live together harmoniously.

Lulu’s Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves is bright, lively and fun with a serious message. I think young children would really enjoy it.

About Serina Adham


Serina Adham drew on her experience as a dancer and dance instructor to give you this fun new adventure with her first edition of Lulu and all her animal friends. She hopes that Lulu will teach children to enthusiastically follow their dreams but also consider the effects they have on others.

Serina Adham lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to teaching dance, she has also worked as a jewellery, clothing designer and an interior designer. She has one fearless, singing and dancing daughter of her own.

You can find out more about Serina on her website.

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