All About Eve: A Guest Post by Kate Fitzroy, Author of the Wine Dark Mysteries

A fine racy wine

It gives me very great pleasure to welcome Kate Fitzroy to Linda’s Book Bag. Kate has six books in her Wine Dark Mysteries series and I was interested to find out how she had created and sustained her protagonist, Eve, through the series. I’m delighted Kate has agreed to tell me more today.

A Fine Racy Wine, the sixth book in the Wine Dark Mysteries, is available for purchase with all Kate’s books here.

A Fine Racy Wine

A fine racy wine

In the heart of the quiet county of Suffolk, there is a Tudor manor house surrounded by a well-manicured, leafy vineyard. Perfect? Is life there as good as it first appears?

Then, on the very border of this gentle county, lies the racy town of Newmarket. Here life is always on the edge. Jockeys, trainers, owners and punters all sharing the thrills and spills of the race course.

When Eve Sinclair, wine critic and TV celebrity, travels with Adam and Bernard to write the final chapter in her book she hopes to make it a quick visit… she hopes but then… is that love that is smouldering in the damp Suffolk air?

All About Eve

A Guest Post by Kate Fitzroy

When I decided to move genre from thrilling romance to romantic thriller, I was determined to create a heroine that was not too syrupy. I decided that Eve should walk along the tough path of riches to rags.  She is a reverse Cinderella, a spoilt young woman who meets her comeuppance even before the story really begins. I nearly named her Ella, but then decided on Eve, as she falls out of the paradise of an ideal life in her Provençal villa.

I wanted her to be strong enough to hide her vulnerability and to be likeable to the point where my ideal reader would identify with her.  Selfish and yet, in extremis, loving and caring. Educated to a ridiculous level of uselessness with her Master’s degree in English literature and a tendency to while away her time writing obscure poetry under an olive tree in Provence… until reality strikes. Vaguely arrogant and yet scared of falling in love but by Wine Dark Mystery Book 6… is it inevitable? The next title may tell all… or maybe not. Friends tell me that Eve is my alter-ego but I don’t agree… she  is merely a fig-leaf of my imagination.

About Kate Fitzroy

Kate Fitzroy

Kate Fitzroy has two lives. One in a flinty Victorian cottage in Newmarket, where she awakes to the clatter of horses’ hooves as strings of racehorses pass early each morning. Kate’s other life is played out in a Napoleonic manor set in a sleepy village amongst the vineyards of the Loire valley.
Her life has not always been so blissful. Widowed at the age of twenty-one, already with two children to love and protect, she fought her way up as hard a path as any of her heroines. Now happily married and surrounded by a large, loving family, Kate enjoys every moment of every day… CARPE DIEM… TEMPUS FUGIT…. or should that be CARPE MOMENTUM?

You can follow Kate on Twitter @KATEFITZROY36 and find her on Facebook.

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