Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil by Louise and Noam Lederman

jungle jam

I’ve featured a few children’s books on Linda’s Book Bag because I’m so interested in literacy and promoting a love of reading in children. Today, therefore, I would like to thank Louise Lederman for review copies of Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil in return for an honest review.

jungle jam in brazil

Jungle Jam is available for purchase in paperback here and Jungle Jam in Brazil is available here. They are the first two books in the Jungle Jam series and Jungle Jam in Spain will be released in August 2017. All the Jungle Jam books are also available for purchase here (and you can even get a Mikey monkey!)

Jungle Jam

jungle jam

Mikey is a singing monkey who embarks on a musical adventure to find global fame but discovers along the way that he must work with others to make his dream come true.

On his journey, Mikey the Monkey meets Larry the Lion, Ella the Elephant, Ziggy the Zebra and Gina the Giraffe, each of whom play a musical instrument they teach him about, and then invite him to sing with them. Each time he declines and continues on his journey to find fame. Finally he hears an incredible sound and sees all of the animals playing their instruments together and realises that when people work together, dreams can come true.

This sweet, captivating rhyming book is designed for young children from 0-5 as an introduction to musical instruments and sounds. It even has an activity page to show you how to make your own instruments at the end and also shows children how working together as part a team is always best!

Jungle Jam in Brazil

jungle jam in brazil

“The band is getting ready for their biggest show yet. They are going to Brazil in a jumbo jet.”

Gina the Giraffe loves being part of the Jungle Jam band but she is nervous about leaving her home and trying new things. Follow Gina on her courageous journey and learn about the fabulous music and culture of Brazil. Following Jungle Jam, Jungle Jam in Brazil is designed for young children as an introduction to new sounds, cultures and musical instruments. Jungle Jam in Brazil shows children that they can do anything they want if they simply try their best and be ‘brave and strong’.

My Review of Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil

Mikey the Monkey is looking for something special in his life – to be a singer in a band and have adventures.

These two Jungle Jam books are utterly wonderful and whilst they are designed for pre-school children, older children will love them too as there is so much to explore and entertain them.

Apart from the excellent overall quality of production with wonderful illustrations, Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil have outstanding educational value. Firstly, there is a wonderful rhythm alongside the really well structured rhyme scheme so that the musical cadence of speech is underpinned by the narrative. The musical references are accessible through onomatopoeic words so that music becomes a natural part of the experience of reading these two books, affording both unconfident adults and children alike to enjoy the musical element. The use of alliteration and unusual words for children will expand their vocabulary as well as their understanding of how language works, as will the couple of easy Spanish words; especially when the rhythm of breaking them into syllables is used. Syllabification is such a useful tool when learning to read. The advice to adults at the end of Jungle Jam about reading with children is very useful too.

However, the really perfect aspect for me in Jungle Jam in Brazil in particular is the underlying message of friendship. Gina the Giraffe lacks confidence but she is well supported by her friends to try new experiences, new places, new foods and new people – all parts of life that can overwhelm some young children so that they receive the message that it is safe and exciting to try new things.

I really liked the activities included at the end of the books. In Jungle Jam there are musical instruments to make and in Jungle Jam in Brazil there is an observational activity as well as some facts about Brazil so that as well a captivating story, children have other activities as a result of reading these books.

I am astounded by the educational value of Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil and think they are must buy books for any parent.

About Louise and Noam Lederman

noam and louise

With a strong belief in the importance of music in a child’s development, husband and wife team Louise and Noam Lederman decided that, if there weren’t books available to share a passion for music with children, then they had better write their own and so the Jungle Jam books were born.

Noam is an educator, musician and author and Louise has spent many years working in marketing, PR and events, mostly for charity organisations.

To find out more you can visit the Jungle Jam website, and follow Jungle Jam on Facebook and Twitter.

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