Indenture: Free to Live by Eunice E Frimpong


I haven’t reviewed much poetry here on Linda’s Book Bag and so I’m delighted to be rectifying that today with Indenture: Free To Live by Eunice E. Frimpong.

Indenture: Free To Live was published on 29th June 2017 by Clink Street and is available for purchase here.

Indenture: Free to Live


Refreshing and uplifting, Frimpong’s poetry will kindle pursuit of resolution and truth.

Indenture, a legal contract, has long held an historic association with slavery.

Indenture: Free the Live by Eunice E. Frimpong explores far-ranging themes including wealth, addiction and purpose, to challenge our perceptions of enslavement in the present era.

These poems are designed to reveal dimensions of a pressing contract, with the promise of freedom.

Lovingly composed, to anchor souls.

My Review of Indenture: Free to Live

Indenture: Free to Live is a booklet of poems that revolve around the concept of belonging and religious doubt and redemption. Although I have no religious belief of my own, I appreciated the messages in these personal pieces. Eunice E. Frimpong shows that she has struggled with relationships and her faith in God and has been supported by those around her to find optimism and hope.

The links with nature and the analogy of being a leaf turning colour with the seasons is something I think many readers will be able to relate to. So too are the themes of jealousy, madness and hatred that emerge as running themes. I thought it was a clever emphasis to give these capitalised beginnings to show their importance.

There’s an interesting use of punctuation throughout the poems that reflects the state of mind of the writer. Colons and full stops act as barriers and the use of ellipsis shows how the poet is developing and changing her mind as she writes. Fractured rhymes have the same effect and I found much of the poetry worked better when I read it aloud, paying attention to the punctuation.

Indenture: Free To Live is an interesting and thought provoking collection that rewards more than just one read as there are several layers to uncover.

About Eunice E. Frimpong

Originally born in Ghana, Eunice E. Frimpong came to live in London as a child. She attended the University of Manchester and abroad at the University of Missouri where she studied history and became more involved in her Christian faith. She has worked as a teacher to children with special education needs and disabilites and still works as an educator in London. Indenture is her first book.

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