Introducing Cosy Holders


Those who know Linda’s Book Bag know I used to be an English teacher, educational consultant and inspector. Therefore, you’ll also realise that anything that will contribute to getting children engaged in reading is going to capture my interest. Today I’m deviating from my usual blog posts to introduce a new product, Cosy Holders, designed to hold e-readers for children and that I think is a cracking idea.

Cosy Holders are available for purchase here.

Bailey and Frankie

The ‘Parents’ of the Cosy Holder family, suitable for most tablets, eReaders and some books. With a rear padded accessory pouch to hold your headphones, pens, pencils or other items you may want to keep safe with you. Supplied with adjustable carrying strap.
Made from soft and cosy fabrics and fillings it can also be used as a travel pillow for when the little ones need a quick nap!
Two colour options are available, ‘Bailey’ (purple) or ‘Frankie’ (green).

About Cosy Holders


You can follow Cosy Holders on Twitter, find them on Facebook or visit their website for more details.

Bailey and Frankie are currently available at a special introductory price of £19.99 here.

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